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Cooking courses at the wellness hotel

Learn to cook like the pros

When every bite is a pleasure and you want to try the next exciting dish straight away, you can probably call yourself an epicure. Heavenly starters, fresh main courses or sweet desserts - participants in cooking courses can look forward to it all.

Venison saddle delight menu - Hubertus unplugged | Balderschwang

What can I learn at a cooking class?

Sometimes our curiosity is greater than our patience. So it's all the nicer when we learn a secret or two. At a cooking course, you get to watch the professional at work. What spices, tips and tricks does he use and why does the food in wellness hotels taste so good?

Everyone knows the difference between a dish that is heavy on the stomach and one that is pleasantly filling. Cooking delicious food is already an art, but it is much more difficult to cook in a healthy way. We want to feel good and that includes good nutrition. At culinary workshops you can learn to cook like a chef.

Appetizer at Restaurant Bernstein in Strandhotel Ostseeblick | Heringsdorf - Island Usedom

Where can I take part in a cooking course?

Especially on holiday we enjoy good food. The plates are beautifully arranged, the aroma fills us as soon as the waiter arrives and we have time to enjoy. The chefs cooking according to the “wellness vitality kitchen” pay attention to a very balanced diet and are therefore specialists in the art of healthy cooking. So where would be a better place for a cooking workshop than in the wellness hotel?

Cooking with stars

How did he do it? Just one bite and you are floating on the seventh cloud of pleasure. The restaurant "Hofstube" in the Romantik- und Wellnesshotel Deimann in Schmallenberg was already awarded a Michelin star for the first time in November 2017. It was confirmed in 2019. And to the delight of all gourmets, friends and co. can book an individual cooking course. Cook and experience together is the motto.

Discover the culinary arts and culinary delights during your wellness holiday

Even holidaymakers in Bavaria don't have to do without cooking classes at the wellness hotel. The Parkhotel am Soier See in Bayersoien, for example, offers cooking courses on various topics.

Nutrition in balance

Good food and relaxing massages. Under the motto "Food is fun and can heal", Ayurvedic chef Gabriel-Pinero leads the courses at the Hubertus Alpin Lodge and Spa in Balderschwang. Through individual coaching sessions, the wishes and needs can be tailored specifically to each participant. The only prerequisite: a lot of imagination and creativity.

Dishes with history

Do you have a favourite dish? And do you know why? Maybe it was the meal at grandma's   even a few decades. At Strandhotel Ostseeblick, chef Arjan Mensies cooks a 4-course menu together with his guests. As an experienced chef, he has a few anecdotes to share with participants.

Plate with mousse, strawberries and mint leaves at the Strandhotel Ostseeblick, seaside resort Heringsdorf

Pasta is always good

Cutting vegetables, smelling fresh herbs and letting a spoonful of sauce melt in your mouth while tasting: Cooking is an experience for all the senses. Preparing creative menus together with a chef who reveals one or two tricks ensures enthusiasm among the participants of the cooking course "Noodle Variations" at Göbel's Schlosshotel "Prinz von Hessen".

Cooking is a passion. Friends come over for dinner in the evening, we picnic by the river with homemade dips and at the weekend the smell of fresh bread rolls fills our own four walls. At cooking classes in the wellness hotel we can learn new dishes, make new friends and listen to the stories of the professionals.

Our Nutrition-Tips for you

Vitamin bomb: Beetroot

Beetroot contains the plant pigment betanin which strengthens the immune system. Additionally, they contain provitamin A, vitamin B, iron, iodine, potassium and magnesium that refill the body’s vital substances. Served as a salad with apples or pears – a true delicacy!  

Vitamin C supplier: Potato

You would not believe it: Potatoes are a great source for vitamin C in winter and are an ideal food when you have rheumatism or gastritis. Due to their high potassium level, potatoes also have a dewatering effect and are beneficial if you have a heart- or kidney disease. So, start eating more potatoes and help your immune system get even stronger!

Say no to the flu

Winter time = flu? Not with the right diet! Stews and soups give you an energy boost and warm you up from the insight. Meat, that is rich in carnitine such as chicken, lamb or venison stimulates the immune cells’ activity.


Even more about Nutrition

Wellness Glossary


A fasting cure developed by Sabine Wacker in 1997, where users consciously avoid acid-forming food for a limited amount of time. Positive side effects here are a deacidification of the body and weight loss.

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The term "detox" is defined in the English Oxford Dictionary as "the removal of toxic substances". In recent years, detoxing has been increasingly used by the cosmetics industry to sell teas, shower gels, shampoos and food supplements.

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