Wellnesshotel Vorarlberg | Lake Constance

Wellnesshotel Vorarlberg | Lake Constance
Lake pile dwellings in Lake Constance on the Vorarlberg

Wellness hotel on Lake Constance:

wide view. Time-outs at the Wellnesshotel on Lake Constance in Austria are extremely popular. Why? Because the spa vacationers benefit from the variety. Between mountains and water, between cities and nature, every wellness guest finds a place where he can easily distance himself from everyday life. For some it is the long bike rides from the spa hotel on the shores of Lake Constance that make a spa break in Austria such a beautiful memory. For others, there are hikes through the region's varied hills and mountain scenery, or outpouring in activities such as sailing or surfing on Lake Constance.

After activities in the fresh air recovery in a spa hotel on Lake Constance is particularly easy. Whether soothing relaxation during a short break or holistic improvement of your own wellbeing in the spa hotel: Lake Constance attracts guests with different demands - and offers a variety in which every traveler gets their money's worth.

View of Lake Constance and the Lindau Island | MentalSpa-Resort Fritsch am Berg

Wellness holidays on Lake Constance: six regions, three countries and a great diversity

Great is the selection of hotels on Lake Constance. No wonder, after all, the lake has a circumference of 273 kilometers. The term Bodensee includes two lakes, the Obersee and the Untersee, as well as the connecting river section of the Rhine. Geographically, Lake Constance belongs to three countries: Austria, Switzerland and Germany. Near the coast, six regions can be defined, which border directly on Lake Constance or in its vicinity. These are the following:

  • Eastern Switzerland | Switzerland
  • Untersee and Hegau | Switzerland and Germany
  • Überlinger See and Linzgau | Germany
  • Obersee | Germany
  • Upper Swabia and Allgäu | Germany
  • Vorarlberg | Austria
Lindau in sunlight - MentalSpa-Resort Fritsch am Berg - Lochau - Austria

Wellnesshotel on Lake Constance in Vorarlberg: A break for all the senses

Looking for a spa holiday after pure nature, for cultural attractions or for authentic regional cuisine, a break in a wellnesshotel in Vorarlberg on Lake Constance is the right choice. And after arriving at the hotel on Lake Constance, there is only one thing in focus: pure relaxation. Here are the guest then many options open.

Wellness weekend on Lake Constance: Discovering the diversity of nature

Wellness guests on Lake Constance in Vorarlberg experience a great diversity of nature. The Eastern Alps meet the western Alps and the watershed of the Black Sea and the North Sea passes through the province of Vorarlberg. This generally shapes the landscape of the region. Compared to other alpine regions, the vacationer will find more green space. Whether cycling or hiking: The landscape offers unforgettable impressions.

From the Pfänder, the highest mountain in Vorarlberg, visitors enjoy a wide view of the landscape and Lake Constance. With a height of 1,064 m, the mountain of Bregenz is worth a climb on foot. Hiking trails with varying degrees of difficulty lead up to the top of the mountain. Alternatively, guests of the spa hotels on Lake Constance can also take a ride on the panorama gondola of the Pfänderbahn. Within six minutes they pass 600 meters of altitude and meanwhile enjoy a fascinating view. Arriving on the pledges, the visitors enjoy the view of over 200 Alpine peaks, the Bregenz Forest and the sprawling Lake Constance. Here is also the opportunity to see the countries of Austria, Germany and Switzerland at the same time, also known as the Three Countries View.

Restaurant terrace - MentalSpa-Resort Fritsch am Berg - Lochau - Austria

All tourists who prefer to stay close to the coast refresh themselves in the warm months in Lake Constance, which has an excellent water quality. Up to 26 ° Celsius, the water of Lake Constance in summer is the ideal bathing conditions. A choice of several bathing establishments and natural bathing places ensure that guests in the wellness hotel on Lake Constance find an ideal spot for sunbathing and swimming. The beach and natural pools include:

  • Strandbad Bregenz
  • "Mili" as a former military swimming pool
  • the beach Lochau and Hörbranz
  • Hard
  • Maximum
  • Natural bathing areas like the "Pipepine" between Bregenz and Lochau or ...
  • the Bregenzer arche

In addition to swimming, Lake Constance offers many summer activities. Athletes can spend their time surfing, diving or sailing while also enjoying moderate activities such as stand up paddling. All those who like to try something new, have the opportunity here to make a trip on the surf bike, a kind of water bike.

While in summer nature with its blossoming splendor and many activity possibilities convinces, Vorarlberg transforms into an eldorado for skiers in winter. Some of the ski areas have a height of over 2,000 meters, so snow is guaranteed on winter sports holidays. In addition to fast-paced ski runs, winter activities in Voralberg include winter activities such as:

  • Cross-country skiing
  • Snowshoe & Winter Hiking
  • sledding
  • carriage rides

Whether in summer or winter: Then relax in the spa hotel on Lake Constance regenerating applications or enjoy a leisurely break with loving in the spa.

Regional enjoyment: Get to know the cuisine of Vorarlberg.

Vorarlberg's cuisine has been influenced by the surrounding regions over the years. In general, it can be said that especially products made of milk, such as cheese and cheese products, characterize the courts of Vorarlberg. Guests can also try them at the wellnesshotels on Lake Constance. The livestock industry in Vorarlberg is therefore also geared in particular to milk production. This preference for cheese is also evident, for example, in the regional cheese specialty of Vorarlberg mountain cheese, which is used to prepare various dishes such as Vorarlberg cheese soup or cheese spaetzle. Other typical dishes of Vorarlberg on Lake Constance are:

  • Flädlesuppe
  • cheese cakes
  • Grumpara with cheese
  • Hafaloab
  • Kässalot
  • Riebel
  • Öpfelküachle
Mountain river in Vorarlberg | Upper Austria

Wellness time on Lake Constance | Vorarlberg

Visitors in Austria have the opportunity to experience a soothing holiday in idyllic surroundings of Lake Constance. Numerous cities in Bodensee-Vorarlberg invite to day trips from the spa hotel.

Traditional values and urban flair: that's what distinguishes Bregenz, for example. Historic residences, chapels and villas give the town a touch of living history, while other corners are again characterized by contemporary modernism. This is also reflected in the cultural diversity of the city. In the field of culture, the limiters festival is the best known. As an internationally recognized cultural festival, over 100,000 people return to the provincial capital of Vorarlberg every year for this event. When guests opt for an evening performance on the Seebühne in Bregenz, this also means a visit to the largest open-air stage in the world. Around 7,000 people find space here and enjoy, for example, world-famous operas together.

Other cultural highlights in Bregenz include the Jazz Festival, which has been taking place on Kornmarktplatz since 2004, and the Bregenz Spring Dance Festival. In addition to festivals, spa tourists in the state capital can visit theaters, museums and art houses. Despite its population of only about 30,000 people offers guests thus a wide cultural offer.

Other cities can be discovered by spa hotels on Lake Constance great. These include:

  • Dornbirn as an economic center
  • Feldkirch with its numerous institutions and the attribution "secret capital"
  • Lustenau as a city that was briefly an independent state at the beginning of the 19th century and is known for its pronounced dialect.

Much smaller than the bustling Bregenz, but at least as beautiful is the neighboring community Lochau. Nearly 6,000 inhabitants live in Lochau, which is surrounded by the Pfänder mountain back and the Bay of Bregenz.

Outside view - MentalSpa-Resort Fritsch am Berg - Lochau - Austria

Wellness Hotel Fritsch am Berg: Experience Mental Wellness

In this idyllic village, 750 meters above sea level, there is a spa hotel where travelers can experience a holistic wellness stay. From the MentalSpa-Hotel Fritsch am Berg in Lochau Wellness tourists enjoy a special lake view on Lake Constance and the picturesque landscape - and even from many rooms of the hotel. And even on foot you can reach them quickly: directly behind the mental spa hotel in Vorarlberg starts the forest, while for guests Lake Constance seemed to be right outside the door. 

In the wellness area, winning distance to everyday life is easy. Whether Finnish sauna, Laconium, Haman, brine or steam bath: Relaxing breaks are guaranteed in the spa.

The focus Mental Wellness of the Hotel Fritsch am Berg runs through all hotel areas and shows in the different wellness offers of the house. These include:

  • biofeedback
  • Wellness treatments on the subject of stress
  • psychological counseling
  • counseling
  • mental coaching

The cozy atmosphere ensures that the wellbeing here is easy. In this atmosphere, the spa tourists are looked after by professional coaches and thus have the opportunity to take the first step in changing their own lives.

What does a spa holiday on Lake Constance look like?

A spa holiday on Lake Constance can be designed individually. Various spa services in the hotels provide for an individual break with health claim. Whether half board in the hotel or all-inclusive: It is definitely worth the Vorarlberg cuisine to try out. In winter, the region turns into a winter wonderland, while in summer, opportunities for activities sprout out of the ground.

Where to go to the spa holiday on Lake Constance?

In addition to the variety of options on the Austrian side of Lake Constance wellness tourists can experience relaxing stays in the other regions in Switzerland and Germany. The Lake Constance region can be divided into six regions in different countries, all of which have different characteristics and sights. These include wellnesshotels on Lake Constance and Vorarlberg:

  • Eastern Switzerland
  • Switzerland
View - MentalSpa-Resort Fritsch am Berg - Lochau - Austria

Eastern Switzerland, as one of the seven major regions of Switzerland, borders on the western side of Lake Constance. Travelers experience in the city of St. Gallen, which acts as the center of Eastern Switzerland, a historic old town and a rich cultural offer. With its Baroque cathedral and collegiate library, the abbey district has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is the city's landmark. The region of Eastern Switzerland is known for its textile history and trends in fashion. Other well-known cities in Eastern Switzerland are Stein am Rhein and Schaffhausen.

Enjoy wellness break at the Untersee and Hegau

Northwest of Lake Constance lies in the two countries Switzerland and Germany. Constance is the largest city on Lake Constance and impresses with a special blend of tradition and modernity. The port of Constance with the statue of Imperia exudes a southern flair, while the picturesque scenery over the lake and the Alps offer fantastic views. Other cities in this region Untersee and Hegau on Lake Constance are Gailingen, Radolfzell and Überlingen. Here Wellnessuraluber also finds the largest island of Lake Constance - the island of Reichenau.

Wellness break on Überlinger See and in Linzgau

This region lies on the finger of Lake Constance, as the Überlinger See is also called. The Überlingersee is similar to the size of the Untersee. Mainau, the flower island, is the third largest island of Lake Constance. Thanks to the favorable Lake Constance climate, Mediterranean plants grow on Mainau. Throughout the year, travelers experience a botanical diversity and discover the Deutschordenschloss from the 18./19. Century and the castle church from the 18th century. The good weather conditions of Lake Constance make the flat-wave, largely rural embossed region ideal for growing fruit and wine. Well-known cities include Überlingen, Pfullendorf and Markdorf.

Discover the Obersee: Wellness between Allgäu and Lake Constance

The largest region of Lake Constance lies on the German side and bears the name Obersee. 27 German places are in direct proximity to the Bodensee. Especially culture-interested vacationers on Lake Constance experience a wide range of sights here. Whether the New Castle Merseburg, the Castle Salem or the Hohenzollern Castle Sigmaringen: relics of history can discover travelers in Obersee. And this is often presented here in a large museum landscape. The UNESCO World Heritage Site "Prehistoric Stilt Buildings around the Alps" would like to be discovered, or the Zeppelin Museum in Friedrichshafen with its exhibition on the history of aviation and space. Well-known cities here are Lindau, Meersburg and Reichenau.

Time out in Upper Swabia and Allgäu: The German hinterland of Lake Constance

Further inland guests experience the advantages of Upper Swabia and the Allgäu. In this holiday region mineral-rich thermal water bubbles out of the earth in many places, the surface is still drawn from the ice age. The gently undulating landscape lends itself to excursions from the Wellness Hotel am Bodensee to the Bussen a mount and landmark of the region. The holy mountain, together with its Bussen-churches, can also be seen from afar.