Wellnesshotel Sauerland NRW

Wellnesshotel Sauerland NRW
Small break with the view over the autumnal Sauerland

Wellness holidays in the Sauerland - North-Rhine-Westphalia (NRW): 

Switch off and find peace. For many wellness guests, a wellness holiday in the Sauerland means being in harmony with nature. Popularly, the Sauerland is also known as the land of a thousand mountains. The Sauerland region impresses with its wonderfully green forests and, at a height of 842 m, the second largest mountain in North Rhine-Westphalia, the 'Kahle Asten', towers over the region.

But there are also lakes to be found in the Sauerland: Moehnesee, Sorpesee and Biggesee invite spa guests to go sailing and boating. Many visitors combine a wellness stay in the Sauerland with hiking. The varied nature leads its sightseers through forests, meadows and clearings. Dotted with small, cosy towns such as Schmallenberg or Olpe, the Sauerland offers many opportunities to stroll, linger and relax. A visit to Krombach, where guests may join a brewery tour, adds a very special touch.

View of Hallenberg in Sauerland | NRW | Romantik Wellnesshotel Diedrich

Your favourite destination in the center of Germany: Harz, Eifel or Sauerland?

This is the question many people seeking relaxation ask themselves before their trip on a short holiday. Each of the different regions has its very own charm. Especially on a wellness holiday in the Sauerland, guests of all kinds get their money's worth. Whether hiking through the Rothaargebirge mountains, extensive cycling tours through the low mountain range or discovering one or the other clearing in deep forests: Active nature lovers experience an Eldorado of possibilities here. Even those who prefer to take it easy are in the right place at a wellness hotel in the Sauerland. A wellness holiday in the land of a thousand mountains makes it easy to switch off from everyday life. Relaxing wellness breaks, according to individual taste, ensure that everyday life soon becomes a distant memory.

Play golf during your wellness holiday in the Sauerland - Hotel Deimann

Holidays in the Sauerland: Experience culture and history

In addition to the unique nature, the Sauerland also has cultural highlights to offer: In Elspe, the Karl May Festival traditionally takes place every year on an open-air stage, thrilling young and old with a large contingent of horses and Indians. In the Dechenhöhle cave in Letmathe, visitors can marvel at stalactites and stalagmites in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and be enchanted by a very special atmosphere.

Where can hikers find particularly beautiful routes during their wellness holiday?

Numerous wellness hotels offer guided hikes in the Sauerland. For example, visitors can discover the Kahler Asten and experience the beauty of the region. Rothaar rangers explain the flora and fauna of the Sauerland to hikers. But the Poppenberg, the Bremberg and the Herrloh are also suitable for great hikes in a picturesque landscape. In the district of Siedlinghausen you will find the Negerteil, the deepest part of Winterberg. 

Whether you are a beginner or a real pro, in the Sauerland everyone has the opportunity to explore nature and be enchanted by the hilly landscape. All you need are hiking boots and the desire to discover.

Hiking tour through the Sauerland in a wellness holiday - Romantik Wellnesshotel Diedrich

Wellness and holiday in Sauerland region

The Sauerland is worth a visit in any season, whether it's for skiing in winter or hiking in summer. The impressive nature in the heart of Germany not only offers wonderful views but is also known for its health-promoting qualities. Wellness guests who visit the Abela Heilstollen or the Heilstollen Nordenau breathe particularly pure air here, as the microclimate in the galleries clears the respiratory tract. Or how about a visit to the Sassendorf spa gardens? Here the air smells wonderfully salty and also clears the respiratory tract.

Discover the Sauerland by bike - Hotel Deimann

What wellness treatments are offered during a holiday in the Sauerland?

The wellness hotels in North Rhine-Westphalia are as versatile as the wellness treatments you can expect on holiday in the Sauerland. Those on a short getaway can choose a wellness treatment that suits their needs at that particular moment. This could be a foot reflexology massage after a long hike through the Rothaar Mountains or a classic full-body massage after a cycling tour through the low mountain range. The wellness offer in the Sauerland includes all four pillars of wellness: nutrition, relaxation, exercise and social contacts. As pillars for a balanced well-being, guests on a wellness holiday in the Sauerland finally have time to devote to these once again.

Joint hiking experiences are unforgettable - Wellness Hotels & Resorts

Is every hotel in the Sauerland actually designed for wellness?

Not every hotel in the Sauerland that has a spa department is in fact a wellness hotel. Wellness means much more than feeling good or well-being treatments. As a lifestyle, specialised wellness hoteliers offer their guests a wide range of services to enhance their own health. So ideally, the wellness area goes beyond the spa department and also includes a gym, training and lecture options and much more. As part of a wellness weekend in the Sauerland, those on short getaways may go on hikes where they can enjoy an idyllic view of the expanse of the low mountain range from the top of the mountain. Back at the wellness hotel, they enjoy a delicious meal in the in-house restaurant before falling into bed in their cosy room. Relaxation during a wellness weekend has many facets - and ensures recovery of body, mind and soul.

How do I find a suitable wellness hotel in the Sauerland?

The wellness hotels in the Sauerland are often family-run, which ensures that no two wellness hotels are the same. Authentic experiences are emphasised in a natural environment and guarantee that taking time out from everyday life is so easy. In the following we present some recommendable wellness hotels in the Sauerland:

View over the house pond and the park to the houses of the Hotel Deimann, Schmallenberg, Hochsauerland

Wellness and holiday at Sauerland: Hotel Deimann

The owner-managed Wellnesshotel Deimann is located in the Hochsauerland and provides pure relaxation with its spacious property. The hotel pampers wellness its guests with a luxurious spa area covering 3700 square metres. Among other things, wellness guests will find heated outdoor pools all year round, a sauna area, modernly equipped treatment and application rooms as well as relaxation rooms. 

A special highlight of the wellness hotel is the focus on Ayurveda, a traditional Indian healing art. Ayurvedic teachings understand the human being as a unity of body, mind, spirit and soul. One of the services offered at Hotel Deimann are Ayurvedic healing massages. Here, guests may enjoy an Abhyanga full-body massage or a Padabhyanga foot massage, for example.

The town centre of Schmallenberg is only a stone's throw away from Hotel Deimann and delights with its historic centre, which is characterised by half-timbered houses and cobblestones. In the Hochsauerland region, wellness guests can also visit castles and palaces. Wellness holidays in the Sauerland can be wonderfully varied.

Romantik Wellnesshotel Diedrich, Hochsauerland

Wellness Hotel Diedrich

Wellnesshotel Diedrich in Hallenberg is located on the edge of the Rothaargebirge mountains. Surrounded by hills and mountain ranges, the hotel, which has been in existence for 117 years, offers space for relaxation from stressful everyday life. The house is decorated in warm colours and enchants with puristic elegance. The spa area is equipped with a sauna landscape, relaxation rooms and a fitness area.

In addition, wellness guests can take part in lifestyle seminars, yoga courses and lectures that give impulses on how to shape their everyday lives more consciously.

Privat-SPA Familie

Sonnenpark Family & Wellness Hotel

The family-friendly wellness hotel offers activities for every taste and age. Whether baby, teenager or adult, everyone gets their money's worth here. The little ones are supervised in the baby club while the older ones go on exciting excursions to the summer toboggan run or to a mountain bike course. And mum and dad? Relax in the spa area with panoramic sauna, steam bath and outdoor pool.

Flats Park Resort | Goebel's Landhotel - Sauerland

Wellness and holiday at Sauerland: Goebel's Landhotel

Sports enthusiasts and of course all other guests are in good hands at the wellness hotel Göbel's Landhotel. In beautiful Willingen, known as a winter sports resort, the hotel offers everything your heart desires. A special feature of the hotel here is the Babymoon offer, which prepares pregnant women for the upcoming birth. The 1,000 sqm spa area pampers visitors with a swimming pool and 5 different saunas. Guests can also relax on floating loungers in the vitality oasis.

What makes a wellness weekend in Winterberg special?

Now known as a ski mecca, Winterberg attracts winter sports enthusiasts every year. Numerous sporting events take place here every year at the St. Georg ski jump, including even German championships. However, Winterberg has a lot to offer other than just professional athletes. Children can have fun tobogganing and building snowmen. In addition to winter sports, the entire region in the Sauerland offers wonderful year-round opportunities for

  • Nordic walking
  • hiking
  • mountain biking
  • Golfing