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Wellness-Hotels & Resorts – About us

Enjoying life

Welcome to the Wellness Hotels & Resorts. Here you will experience wellness as health that is fun and as a lifestyle that leads to lasting well-being and a better quality of life. We invite you to take advantage of an offer in one of our partner hotels in Germany and Austria, which offers you possibilities for regeneration and guidance to more health and a good body feeling.

Our cooperation with certified hotels in the industry offers you a varied and individual wellness offer. Together we have created a wide range of programmes, from classic pampering wellness to Ayurveda, Yoga, thalassotherapy, detoxing and medical wellness, with which we will provide you with unforgettable moments.

Under the colourful crown of the "wellness tree"

A wellness trip means much more to us than just relaxing for a weekend or a few hours in a spa. Under the colourful leaves of the wellness tree you will find inspiration for a healthy life that gives pleasure. In the shade of the tree you can come to rest or find an active balance to your everyday life.

Invigorating, good

The four colours of the leaves - green, red, yellow and blue - indicate the four seasons. Like the tree, which appears in all four seasons in its magnificent size, you will experience what it means to feel with all your senses. Smell the spring's awakening to new life. Feel the soothing warmth of the first summer sunrays on your skin. See the autumn in the variety of its bright colours and listen into the silence of the approaching winter.

Experience wellness that appeals to your five senses, according to our motto: "Be well an enjoy".

We see the human being as a unity of body, mind and soul.

Let sensual wellness experiences sensitise not only your body but also your mind and soul to all the sensations and feelings that our environment offers us:

Touching through massages has a liberating effect on your thoughts and helps you to arrive at the here and now. The taste of freshly prepared food penetrates your consciousness and you are gently reminded of how much joy healthy food can bring.

Experience mindfulness during a wellness holiday - Hotel Heinz | Westerwald

Individual like our guests

The experiences you will have on your journey are as individual as the needs of our guests. Take an active mountain bike ride through the densely overgrown Black Forest or breathe in the salty sea air on a holiday in one of our certified wellness hotels by the sea.

Whether it's the couple who are freshly in love, who enjoy romantic views in the thermal baths; the group of girls who want to combine "Happy Aging" with lots of pleasure and fun; the extended family, in which mum also wants to be pampered with a long massage; the manager, with a preference for good food or the power lady, who wants to relax in the spa after a hike in the mountains - as different as the guests of our partner hotels are, they all achieve the same goal: more attentiveness and more well-being in daily life.

You too will be surprised by the wide range of offers. Every single one of our guests deserves a treatment that is tailored to their personal needs. Our partners take a lot of time for this. In this way we succeed in creating small "islands of everyday life" through which you learn to pause for a moment and become aware of yourself.

Jogging together on a wellness holiday - Wellness Hotels & Resorts

Sustainable for man and environment

For a journey in the sense of the unity of man and environment, we rely on products from environmentally friendly cultivation and from near-natural production in the kitchen and spa as well as in the hotel business. Our partner hotels use regional foods in accordance with the principles of sustainability and apply relaxation methods that originate from inspiring cultures.

Experience, for example, our yoga seminars for beginners and advanced students: in instructed asanas and pranayamas, the trained staff of our hotels will teach you how to deal with stress and how to reduce it in a targeted manner.

The development of our cooperation

In 1997, 17 German hoteliers founded the cooperation of the Wellness-Hotels & Resorts in order to offer their guests special time-out and relaxation. This was the planting of the still tender wellness tree. With it, the now uniform understanding of "wellness in the hotel" grew in the German-speaking world.

Quality criteria for this type of recreation were defined. We care for the Wellness tree and would like it to grow. Therefore we constantly review our offers and our guidelines and strive for continuous improvement.

In 2004 our work was finally recognised by the German Hotel and Restaurant Association (DeHoGa) and the German Hotel Association (IHA). They used our quality criteria as a benchmark for the official definition of wellness hotels. As a result, the work of our partner hotels was established beyond the German borders.

Naturally healthy -  wellness holidays with the Kneipp cure - Schuele's Gesundheitsresort & Spa | Oberstdorf

A new attitude to life

The term wellness is on everyone's lips, but what it actually means is often obscured by a superficial interpretation of the word. Real and true well-being in all areas of life, the ability and attentiveness to perceive even the small pleasant things in life, to respect oneself, one's body and mind and to learn how to protect them, this is the core idea of Wellness Hotels & Resorts.

Take the time for yourself, your health and well-being, visit our partner hotels in your area and find out what wellness means as a lifestyle.

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