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Wellness - Spa Break for Mother and Daughter: relaxing together

Spending some quality time together is a great experience from time to time for mother and daughter. Talking about important topics, enjoying beauty treatments and having a nice dinner offers the perfect opportunity to bond even more.

So what about taking a special event as an opportunity to spend a wellness weekend together? 

Those events could be:

  • Birthday
  • Christmas or
  • Mother's day

Beauty and wellness treatments for mothers and daughters

Many wellness hotels offer special mother and daughter packages. Here, relaxation and pure wellness are guaranteed: Starting from cosy bathrobes in the hotel room to the beautiful spa area where you can enjoy a glass of champagne. After manicure and pedicure, enjoying a massage together, which is followed by a sauna visit will make your stay perfect and unforgettable.

For the small appetite the spa bistro area serves salads, soups and even homemade cake. Mother and daughter wellness for soul and body!

Nordic Walking in the Alps - Schuele's Gesundheitsresort | Oberstdorf

Active programs for mother and daughter

In case you don't want to spend your whole day in the spa area, our wellness hotels offer also fun active programs. Here you can find amongst others:

  • Aqua gymnastics
  • Yoga
  • Pilates

Or what about a cooking course where you discover the secrets of the wellness-vital cuisine? While trying the new learned recipes at home, you can already plan your next wellness vacation. But also shopping tours are very popular. Especially because after a day filled with good food and buying clothes there is nothing better than to return to the hotel and continuing with an exquisite wellness programme.

Our Mums & daughters-Tips for you

Miracle root horseradish

Horseradish is called a "natural antibiotic" or "penecilin from the garden" due to its richness in nutrients and the antibacterial enzyme "myrosinase". The health booster can also dissolve mucus and weaken flu pathogens that are already trapped.

Scavenger hunt 2.0

Geocaching - this connects the internet with outside activities. During the hike, you use GPS coordinates to search for a treasure (often in branches, caves or forests). In Germany there are many maps for it, from East Frisia up to the Allgäu. Just have a look at and go on a scavenger hunt.

Cleaning like a super model

Are you a domestic goddess or cannot help yourself but hating the idea of cleaning? Maybe it is easier for you to motivate yourself, once you know cleaning is like doing a mini-workout. Just 30 minutes of ironing, for example, burns 60 kcal, 15 minutes of carrying your shopping bags even burns 170 kcal!


Even more about Mums & daughters

Wellness Glossary


The Abhyanga massage, also known as extensive oiling in the western world, is a form of Ayurvedic massage. Abhyanga is a full body massage using oil and is applied by two massage therapists working in sync but it can also be done by one massage therapist using both hands.

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Aerobics is a dynamic fitness workout. This is usually done in a group and with music support.

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