Wellnesshotel Czech Republic

Wellnesshotel Czech Republic
Wellness & Spa in Marienbad in Czech Republic

Wellness hotel in the Czech Republic: Expect a relaxing time-out

Are you looking for wellness offers in the popular destination Czech Republic? Spending a relaxing vacation in a top-notch wellness hotel in the Czech Republic? By all means! Wellness hotels are well beloved in the Czech Republic. Getting away from it all is remarkably easy amongst health bath traditions, the modern understanding of wellness, breath-taking nature and the appealing architecture. During their wellness vacation, guests will benefit from the Czech Republic’s natural treasures, such as mineral springs, as well as the neighbouring country’s diverse wellness and relaxation offers.

View of the Czech landscape

The Czech Republic as a vacation destination

The Czech Republic – A country full of enchanting castles, historical cities with their literary and musical traditions and characterized by forests and mountains. It is no wonder that the Czech Republic, with its central European location, is becoming increasingly popular amongst wellness enthusiasts. Particularly the areas Liberec (Reichenberg), Ústí nad Labem (Aussig), Karlovy Vary (Karlsbad), Plze?(Pilsen) along with Central- and South Bohemia of the Eastern neighbouring country are easily accessible from Germany. Nature and culture enthusiasts as well as adventurous people are getting their money’s worth during a wellness vacation in the Czech Republic!

Spa triangle Czech Republic:

The three spa towns Karlovy Vary (Karlsbad), Františkovy Lázn?(Franzensbad) and Mariánské Lázn?(Marienbad). The Czech Republic is defined by a centuries-old spa tradition and is considered one of the best spa countries worldwide. Natural mineral springs originate from all the three spa towns of the Czech spa triangle and thus they are all regarded recognized health baths in the Czech area of Bohemia. The spa triangle’s mild climate along with the fresh and clean air affects the respiratory tract positively. Numerous spa parks and historical cities encourage taking quiet and peaceful walks.

Františkovy Lázn? (Franzensbad) and Karlovy Vary (Karlsbad) two Czech spas rich in tradition

Františkovy Lázn? (Franzensbad) is considered one of the first European cities that offered mud baths. The curative mog largely consists of dissolved minerals and is processed conforming to traditional techniques. During their mini-break at the spa, the wellness guests are welcome to feel the peloid’s therapeutic power, in the form of packages and baths. Further natural remedies include the water of the twenty mineral springs as well as natural healing gas which can be extracted from Františkovy Lázn?’s mineral water. The natural carbon dioxide of volcanic origin is used for gas injections.

Surrounded by forests and situated in a valley, the wellness guests can enjoy a century old tradition in the internationally known and beloved spa town of Karlovy Vary (Karlsbad). The historical cityscape is defined by charming buildings as well as wooden colonnades. Inside the colonnade three mineral springs can be found: The Market Spring, the Lower Castle Spring as well as the Charles l IV Spring. 

A relaxed and restful time out in the Czech Republic

Another colonnade worth seeing is the Hot Spring Colonnade under which interested guest can gain insight into what is happening under the spring. 

During a guided tour interested guests can gain insight into the spring and the areas from which the water is drawn, distributed and thermoregulated. 

Experience the perfect wellness vacation in Mariánské Lázne? (Marienbad)

Mariánské Lázne? (Marienbad) is the third town within the Bohemian spa triangle. In this enchanting spa town, the baths traditions date back to the sixteen’s century in which the springs’ salinity were analysed. The opening of the very first spa house, founding of the municipality Mariánské Lázn?(Marienbad) along with receiving the status of a spa town followed each other closely in the beginning of the nineteens’ century. Heart of the city is its forty mineral springs that are complemented by further 100 mineral springs in the close surrounding. Multiple ways of treatment for various illnesses result from the water’s diverse composition. Thus, the water can support the healing process of conditions with the musculoskeletal system, the kidneys, the unary tract as well as the respiratory tract. Mineral springs in Mariánské Lázn?include:

  • The Ferdinand Spring
  • The Cross Spring
  • The Mary Spring
  • The Rudolph Spring
  • The Ambrose Spring
  • The Alexander Spring
Exterior | Falkensteiner Spa Resort Marienbad

Hotel Grand MedSpa Marienbad located in the spa town Mariánské Lázne:

A wellness hotel with the focus on Medical Wellness and Health. These days, the Alexander Spring with its soothing effect is mostly used by the Grand MedSpa Hotel in Marienbad. Amidst the city centre of Marienbad and built in the Art Nouveau style, the traditional building is well loved by wellness guests. The hotel focuses on Medical Wellness as well as various offers for their guests’ health. The hotel’s wellness area includes a Finnish sauna, a bio sauna, a steam bath, an infrared cabin, an inside- as well as outside pool along with a therapy pool. Moreover, the hotel has a medical centre that offers various health enhancing treatments to their guests. These treatments include but are not limited to preventive spa treatments with the water of the Alexander Spring and an arrangement in the field of ‘metabolic Balance’ during which guests will learn more about a healthy nutrition. Besides the health enhancing treatments, guest will also be able to enjoy a broad range of cosmetic treatments and the numerous fitness offers. 

The hotel does not only win over their guests by offering an exclusive wellness time-out but additionally offers a fine culinary experience. The combination of the Bohemian cuisine with the Adriatic- as well as the Alpine cuisine goes by the name of ‘Alpe Adria Cuisine’. Traditionally cooked Czech dishes with international influences ensure the culinary experience will be remembered positively.

The Quality of the wellness hotels in the Czech Republic.

Learn more about wellness offers and breathtaking nature with the highest standards. Once the decision of taking a wellness vacation in the Czech Republic has been made, the guests are guaranteed various options. A wellness time-out in the Czech Republic is essentially defined by one thing: Variety. Four national parks, impressive mountain ranges and forested landscapes encourage guests to go on a discovery tour. 

The Bohemian Forest represents the biggest national park. Rare peat swamp forests, clear glacial lakes, medieval castles and parts of primeval forests can be found here. Occasionally even amphibians, deers or other animals can be observed during a guided tour. Additionally, the Emperor’s Forest can offer further insights into the nature. Amidst the Bohemian spa triangle, located between Karlsbad, Marienbad and Franzensbad, the landscape amazes with generous forest areas and peat swamps. The Emperor’s forest is especially known for the Smrad’och, a protected peat swamp with gas leaks, and the national nature reserve Kladská Peat Bog with its three bogs. The Krkonoše, or Giant Mountains, is the biggest mountain within the Czech Republic and traditionally represents a popular trourist attraction. A variety of different rocks, such as  granite, gneiss and different minerals like quartz, can be found here. Moreover, the wellness guest may discover remains of the ice age: The glacial lake in the Northern part of the Giant Mountains.

Activities in the Czech Republic

Wellness guests can choose from a variety of different activities in the Czech Republic and the diverse nature perfectly lends itself for hiking tours.  Hiking enthusiasts can choose from about 1.540 different hiking tours in all levels of difficulty. Should guests wish to explore the Czech Republic by bike, they are advised to be trained on an advanced level, as the bike routes are rather challenging due to the mountainous landscape. For those who love golfing the area of Marienbad offers six golf courses to choose from, during the warm months of the year. Guests, who love activities in or around the water will also get their money’s worth. Be it watersports or simply relaxing activities, many regions in the Czech Republic offer various options to keep their guests entertained.

The spa resort Marienbad in the Czech Republic | Falkensteiner Hotel Grand MedSpa Marienbad

Enjoying the Czech cuisine

In addition to its diverse nature, the Czech Republic is defined by a traditional cuisine. Particularly the Bohemian cuisine is well known and loved for its versatile use of locally grown ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, fish and venison. Popular Czech dishes include goulash soup, barley soup and tripe soup, however there is also a broad variety of sweet dishes to choose from. Bohemian pastries are internationally known and have heavily influenced the Austrian cuisine, particularly its desserts. 

Learning more about the Czech Republic during your stay

One can also encounter the Czech Republic’s diversity in its capital Prague. The city’s multiple historic spires also gave it the name ‘City of a Hundred Spires’ many centuries ago. Since then, Prague never seizes to amaze its visitors with its many Roman and Gothic churches, baroque castles, Art Nouveau buildings as well as beautiful gardens along with the well-known spires. One of Prague’s most popular landmarks is the city’s oldest bridge, the Charles Bridge. Another tourist attraction is the city’s Old Town Hall with its astronomical clock.

Besides the capital, there are many other smaller towns that do not fail to convince with their impressive history, tradition and unique nature. These include:

  • Brno
  • Ostrava
  • Pilze?
  • Liberec
  • Olomouc
  • Ústí nad Labem 
  • Budjovice

How would you rate the Czech Republic as wellness region?

Taking a wellness time-out in the Czech Republic is attractive, both in summer and winter. Guests are welcome to enjoy warming thermal baths and spas in the wellness hotels during winter and are encouraged to explore the country’s diverse nature during the warmer months. Be it culture or sport enthusiasts or guests who are looking for a relaxing time, in the Czech Republic everyone gets their money’s worth.