Wellnesshotel Northrhine-Westphalia NRW

Wellnesshotel Northrhine-Westphalia NRW
Half-timbered farm in NRW

Wellness and Spa Breaks in North Rhine-Westphalia - NRW

If you are looking for a spa hotel in NRW, you will find great offers in many regions in the state. Whether a relaxing wellness holiday amidst nature or a journey that combines wellness with sightseeing: In this article you will find tips and suggestions for your stay at the spa hotel in North Rhine-Westphalia.

View of the field landscape in NRW

Wellness in North Rhine-Westphalia

Once across the republic - In the colorful center of Germany you draw from the conflict between urbanity and nature. Go on a discovery tour and start your adventurous journey from the former blast furnaces of the Zeche Zollverein colliery in the Ruhr area to one of the selected spa hotels in North Rhine-Westphalia to the romantic moated castles of the Münsterland.

Fashion and culture in NRW

How about a shopping trip on Dusseldorf's world-famous catwalk, the Königsallee? The Königsallee, affectionately known as "Kö", impresses with a combination of opulent luxury and pure Rhenish zest for life. A wellness getaway in the North Rhine-Westphalian state capital offers the perfect combination of shopping and relaxation.

By bike through the summery Sauerland - Romantik & Wellnesshotel Diedrich | Hallenberg

Of course, visitors to North Rhine-Westphalia should not miss a visit to the world-famous Cologne Cathedral. The foundation stone for the construction of the Gothic cathedral was laid in 1248, but already in Roman times, the square where the cathedral stands today was a gathering place for the first Christians in Cologne. Today, the Cologne Cathedral is a Unesco World Heritage Site and attracts many thousands of visitors every year. In order to enjoy the many other cultural highlights in addition to the cathedral, it is advisable to spend a wellness weekend near the Rhine metropolis. Then there is enough time for a visit to the Roman-Germanic Museum or a culinary visit to the Chocolate Museum. In the evening, recover from an eventful day with a relaxing spa treatment at the hotel.

Wellness hotel NRW for young people: Experience relaxing city trips

NRW is the most densely populated state of Germany. No wonder that this has become a colorful variety of cities that invite everyone to a city stroll. In the spa town of Aachen in the Eifel, guests of the nearby spa hotels NRW get a great impression of the architectural epochs from the early Middle Ages to modern times. The Aachen Cathedral includes several sub-buildings, which were built steadily over the years. The Carolingian Oktogon, formerly the Palatine Chapel of the Royal Palace of Aachen, is regarded as the most important example of the Carolingian Renaissance architecture. During a walk through the spa, holidaymakers from a wellness hotel in NRW discover many other attractions such as the Grashaus and the Löwenstein house, whose history goes back to the 13th century. After so much culture and architecture in the Eifel, tourists can enjoy relaxing breaks in the Wellness Hotel NRW.

Dortmund is known nationwide among other things because of the football club Borussia Dortmund. The city has much more to offer besides sport. In 1959, the Federal Horticultural Show took place in the Westfalenpark and on this occasion the Florian tower was built. In the following years this was considered the highest television tower in Germany. In addition, guests in the tower basket have the opportunity to dine 219 meters in height in the revolving restaurant - in 1959 it was the first of its kind. After a delicious meal invites then the Westfalenpark as one of the largest inner-city parks nor for a walk. Or how about a shopping spree on the Westenhellweg, the most frequented shopping street in Germany. After extravagant shopping tours, tourists can then relax the tired members during a spa break at the Wellness Hotel NRW - to start again after a restful night fit into the next day.

View of Hallenberg in Sauerland | NRW | Romantik Wellnesshotel Diedrich

Wellness hotel in North Rhine-Westphalia and surroundings - Last minute in the nature

A spa hotel in NRW am See, at the edge of the forest or in the midst of the wide hilly landscape: Short breaks often seek a wellness oasis in NRW, which they can quickly reach and where they can leave everyday life behind for a short time. Many stressed-out people want to spontaneously plan these breaks in the Wellness Hotel NRW. And often such a last minute wellness holiday in NRW is also available at short notice.

In North Rhine-Westphalia, those seeking relaxation will find a large number of qualified wellness hotels that have focused on sustainable relaxation. Here are the individual needs in the foreground. Basically, special experiences that are in contrast to the everyday routines, the relaxation especially promote. For professionals who work in the office, therefore, excursions into nature are ideal. Many spa hotels in NRW are located just outside the city and offer the ideal starting point for hikes. At these discover Wellness and spa-break holiday.

Discover the Muensterland by bike - Jammertal Golf & Spa Resort | Naturpark Haard

Over green landscapes and take once again the time to breathe in soothing forest air. Gorgeous green trees line the path, the birds chirp in the treetops and all senses are stimulated by the natural surroundings: The nature around the Wellness Hotel NRW you just have to enjoy.

ln NRW are for example:

  • Mountain biking
  • horse riding 
  • skiing
  • climbing
  • canoeing

Relaxing in a spa holiday in NRW while hiking

If you are looking for relaxation and want to experience nature up close, then you are in good hands on the many well signposted hiking trails in North Rhine-Westphalia. Here you can do a variety of tours with different levels of difficulty during a wellness weekend. How about, for example, a hike over the summits of the Sauerland or a tour over the Hermannsweg through the Teutoburg Forest? In the Teutoburg Forest holiday guests will discover beech forests, bogs and ponds as well as the Externsteine. The diverse nature of the Teutoburg Forest inspires young and old alike.

View of the Middle Rhine during a wellness holiday

Another attraction during the wellness holiday in NRW is the Hermannsdenkmal near Detmold. The Bergische Weg, on the other hand, is a bit more exhausting, but offers plenty of variety for the hiker on 13 stages over 260 kilometers. As a starting point for this challenging hike you can for example choose the idyllic Baldeneysee in Essen.Zu highlights of this trail across the Bergisches Land to Drachenfels on the River Rhine is certainly the Neanderthal Museum in Mettmann. Here the visitor can embark on an exciting journey through human history. Not as well known as the Cologne Cathedral but just as interesting is the Altenberg Cathedral in Odenthal. Its imposing west window, built around 1400, is the largest church window north of the Alps.

Enjoyment at the wellness hotel in NRW

After so much physical effort, of course, a culinary break may not be missing. Here, too, every taste bud is individually tickled. Whether down-to-earth "as with nuts" or fancy star cuisine, the wellness hotels in North Rhine-Westphalia also have many culinary specialties on the menu. These include many regional dishes from Westphalia and the Rhineland. The Westphalian cuisine is more in the North German cooking tradition. Typical is, for example, the combination of sweet and sour with strong. In general, meat enjoys a high status in Westphalian cuisine. Westphalian's traditional dishes include Pfefferpotthast, a spicy stew of beef and onions or broad beans with bacon.

Romantic wellness time for two

The Rhenish cuisine is very down to earth. Far beyond the borders of the Rhineland, the Rheinische Sauerbraten is known. But also heaven and earth or shells of the Rhenish kind enjoy great popularity. All these delicacies from different regions can be tasted in many wellness hotels in North Rhine-Westphalia. Enjoyment is therefore very important. The only question left is: With whom do I spend my spa vacation?

As single or couple: Wellness offers in NRW

In a wellness hotel NRW guests can as

  • single
  • Pair
  • family
  • or travel with friends.

The wellness oases in North Rhine-Westphalia offer numerous spa services, so that there is something suitable for every relaxation seeker.

For many, staying in a wellness hotel NRW is a time when they want to focus on their own needs. Therefore, many wellness vacationers leave their loved ones at home and travel alone to a wellness break just for themselves. Often it is the improvement of their own health or a change in lifestyle on the program. It does not get lonely in the wellness vacation anyway. One gets to know like-minded people with the manifold offers in the Wellness hotel NRW. For example, sports activities are particularly well suited. Also workshops on specific topics such as yoga provide a good framework to meet people with similar interests in a spa vacation.

Relax at the pool with your partner in a wellness holiday - Wellness Hotels & Resorts

Wellness hotel NRW for 2 persons

Most wellness tourists travel in the classic way with their partner or partner. Here you will find time for things that are unfortunately often neglected in everyday life. These are common breakfasts in the morning or a joint excursion into nature, which simply no longer fit into the daily routine between home and work. In a wellness hotel NRW then exactly these common moments as a couple again capitalized. Therefore couple treatments in the spa are also popular, in which the lovers can be pampered together, for example with massages. During subsequent visits to the saunas of the spa hotel, all the stressed out come to rest and draw new strength for everyday life.

Wellness vacation with the family: Hotel NRW with children

Family holidays at the Wellness Hotel NRW are becoming increasingly popular. If there is always too little time left for roaming with the next generation, this is exactly what the wellness hotel NRW focuses on. An attractive leisure and employment offer ensures unforgettable spa holidays for the young guests. From slides to playing ball, from playgrounds to Animation.

View of a village in Sauerland - Hotel Deimann | Schmallenberg

In which regions can you go on a wellness holiday in NRW?

Many regions in North Rhine-Westphalia are well suited for wellness breaks. The federal state is characterized not only by the high population density, but also a variety of nature. The northern part of NRW is part of the North German Plain, while the other regions are part of the low mountain regions. In total, twelve regions belong to NRW. These are: The Bergische Drei

  • Bergisches Land
  • Bonn and Rhein-Sieg-Kreis
  • Dusseldorf and Neanderland
  • Eifel and the spa town of Aachen
  • Cologne and Rhein-Erft-Kreis
  • Münsterland
  • Niederrhein
  • Ruhr
  • Sauerland
  • Siegen-Wittgenstein
  • Teutoburg Forest

How do I spend a relaxing spa holiday in the Sauerland?

The Sauerland convinces nature lovers through the three nature parks Sauerland Rothaargebirge, Arnsberger Wald and Diemelsee. The nature park Sauerland Rothaargebirge is the second largest nature park in Germany. The low mountain landscape is characterized by numerous forests and waters. Wooded ridges, green valleys and numerous dams characterize the landscape of the region. Wellness vacationers benefit from the many facets of the land of the 1,000 mountains. Here in the Sauerland, guests at the Wellness Hotel NRW can simply lace up their shoes and go for a walk. Lots of hiking trails in the Sauerland provide for a wide range of walks - through ancient forests, along fields or on the edge of a hilly mountain range. In the evening relaxing in a wellness hotel in the Sauerland is especially good. With a regenerative massage, soothing breaks in the different saunas and a delicious dinner, recharge your batteries in the Wellness Hotel NRW for the next hiking day through the Sauerland.

Foggy time early evening at Aasee in Muenster/Westf. NRW

What does a spa holiday in Münsterland offer?

In the Münsterland a flat to flat-wave landscape prevails, in the Wellnessurlauber the view wander well into the distance. In the midst of the green landscape, wellness guests will discover peat bogs, lake landscapes or heath landscapes. The Westruper Heide is a typical example and visually resembles a dune landscape. As beautiful as a heath is, so unnatural is their origin. Emerging from a heavy use of the soil, heath landscapes have become new habitats for plants and animals. The Westruper Heide in Münsterland has been protected since 1937 and has been preserved ever since. Among other things, sheep and goats help to ensure that no birch forest forms in the landscape. This would make the heath disappear by itself. The Westruper Heide is one of five heathlands in the Hohe Mark nature park. In this landscape in the western Münsterland you will find not only heathland landscapes, but also idyllic meadows along the river Lippe, as well as vast pastures, fields and bogs. Wellness tourists come here especially on bike tours at their expense. The flat landscape invites to excursions on the bike, which will delight beginners as well as professionals. In total, there are 4,500 kilometers of track here. Guests in the spa hotels NRW can easily discover the Münsterland on the cycle paths by bicycle. Whether through nature or sightseeing: In the cycling region many gastronomic offers line the road. Cyclists experience heaven on earth here.

Discover beautiful natural scenery with the family!

Wellness for active vacationers in North Rhine-Westphalia

For active vacationers, there are countless opportunities to do sports in North Rhine-Westphalia. The network of cycle paths in North Rhine-Westphalia is more than 14,000 kilometers long and cyclists can explore untouched nature, small romantic villages or larger cities on their tours. No matter if you are looking for the sporty challenge and choose the Eifel-Höhen-Route in the Eifel, on the Roman-Lippe-Route from Detmold through the Ruhr area on the tracks of the Romans to the Niederrhein or cycle in the Bergisch Land on the Balkan route on former railways along to the Rhenish lowlands drive.

You do not even have to take your own bike with you on vacation, because you can rent high-quality bikes or e-bikes on loan stations spread all over North Rhine-Westphalia. Many wellness hotels also offer their guests this special service. And on the evening after an eventful day on the bike, the strained muscles are loosened during a soothing massage in the wellness department in a wellness hotel NRW and made fit for the next discovery tour.

A family holiday in a spa hotel in North Rhine-Westphalia is not only fun for the little ones on the program, but also relaxation for the parents. A comprehensive childcare program ensures that the children are well looked after. Parents can use the time for shared spa breaks and visiting the different saunas, enjoy a dinner without the offspring or just do nothing.

Wellnessweekend - biking in autumn

Book spa-break treatments in the spa in a wellness hotel NRW

Wellness treatments are balm for the body, mind and soul. With them, the wellness guest can relax completely and concentrate completely on their own sensations. However, he is already spoiled for choice: Which wellness application would I like to experience at the Wellness Hotel NRW? The range of treatments is wide: from classic massages to ayurvedic Shirodara (oil brow casting) to baby moon applications. There is something suitable for every wellness lover. As a single application or as part of an arrangement in a spa hotel in NRW, spa guests will enjoy time just for themselves. Come down, breathe deeply and draw strength - that's the motto.

Give away a wellness time-out - Wellness Hotels & Resorts

Voucher for a wellness hotel NRW

Is there a better present than a relaxing time-out that puts your own needs first? Gladly you want to do something good for the gifted person. But what if you do not know exactly what it is looking for? In this case, coupons for relaxing spa breaks and spa holidays are great. The vouchers of the Wellness Hotels & Resorts can be redeemed in the partner hotels throughout Germany, Austria and South Tyrol. Especially in North Rhine-Westphalia, travelers will find a variety of wellness oases with different thematic priorities. How about a soothing facial treatment? Or a fine menu in the high-class restaurant of the spa hotel? Or rather the sports class in the morning? The vouchers of the Wellness Hotels & Resorts can be used for all offers in the Wellness Hotel NRW.