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Wellness treatments for men.

Times when wellness used to be something only for women are long gone. Going to the sauna, biking and enjoying delicious food: Wellness is just as perfect for men as for women.

It took men quite some time to discover the advantages

of wellness but we are finally here!

But when it comes to spa treatments, men can nevertheless still learn: Mostly they decide to get simple massages, which is in and of itself a good decision, but there is so much more to discover. Starting from face applications focussed on men skin to whole body treatments, which spoil men from head to toe there are a thousand possibilities to explore.

The 'Wellnesshotel Sonnengut' pampers men's bodies with a revitalizing body program including a body exfoliation made out of aroma oil and dried herbs. After, neck and back massages with combs out of buffalo hair lose bracings and get the blood circulation going.

Facial massage for men on wellness holidays

Also the 'Parkhotel Soier See' spoils and beautifies men. Of course also here whole body treatments can be enjoyed but as an extra special there are manicures and pedicures offers just for men.

In the Hotel 'Deimann', the beauticians specifically take care of stressed men’s skin. If this didn't convince you dear men, here is the last beating argument: In some spa areas there is even beer like in the 'Göbel's Schlosshotel' 'Prinz von Hessen'.

Times are officially over when men didn't enjoy spa stays!

Our Time for men-Tips for you

The Onion and it's healing power

Everyone is familiar with it: The days are getting colder and before you know it, the nasty cough is already there. Onion cough syrup is particularly helpful here. Peel an onion, cut it into small pieces, put it in a cup and pour 2 tablespoons of honey over it. Allow it to stand overnight, then drain the liquid and the cough syrup is ready. Take several times a day.

Quick Cool Down!

If temperatures rise to an unbearable level, a cool wipe can help you feel fresh again. Simply take a small towel and hold it under cold water. Then spread it over your underarms, forehead and neck with it from time to time.

Superhero for your hangover

After a good night out, the next morning can feel a bit rough. If you do not want to miss out on your cocktail or beer, you should chew on raw ginger before going to bed. The essential oils help breaking down the alcohol better.


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