Wellnesshotel Harz

Wellnesshotel Harz
Wellness and relaxation with a view over the lake in the Harz

Wellness in the Harz mountains - relaxation in every season.

Wellness in the Harz Mountains, the highest mountain range in northern Germany, means a breath of stress, hectic and pressure to perform in every season of the year. Of course, everyone has their own individual ideas of what his wellness break in the Harz should look like. Whether active in hiking, mountain biking or Nordic walking or rather relaxed in the spa department of a spa hotel: The Harz offers its visitors an all-round pampering program for body, mind and soul.

View from the Harz National Park in Saxony-Anhalt

Can I also spend a wellness and spa-break holiday in the Harz mountains?

Many visitors have already discovered the special charm of the highest mountain range in Northern Germany and spend their spa vacation here. The classic spas:

  • Bad Sachsa
  • Bad Gandersheim
  • Bad Suderode
  • Bad Harzburg or
  • Bad Grund

Spoil your guests in a spa holiday with classic spa treatments and natural remedies such as bog, brine, mineral or thermal spring and applications to Sebastian Kneipp. Many wellness hotels in the Harz National Park offer their guests not only these medical treatments but also pampering wellness. Why not indulge in an individual beauty treatment during a spa holiday or relax in the Cleopatra bath with your partner?

Blick auf das Bodetal bei Quedlinburg - Harz Region | Germany |

What sights are there in the Harz?

In the middle of the Harz National Park lies the highest mountain of the Harz at 1,141 meters - the Brocken. Well-known travelers such as Goethe or Heinrich Heine were fascinated by this mountain and processed their impressions in such well-known works as the "Faust" or the "Harzreise". From the summit the visitors can enjoy a wide panoramic view. This view is Wellness in the Harz for the soul.

To climb the Brocken there are some possibilities. From Schierke, some carters offer covered wagon rides or take the Brockenbahn.

Fitnesstraining with personal coach at the RoLigio & Wellness Resort Romantischer Winkel – Bad Sachsa | Harz

If you want to experience the tour on the Brocken intensively, head up to the summit on foot and experience active wellness in the Harz mountains. Many hiking trails lead up to the Brocken. One of the most beautiful starts in Ilsenburg and follows in the footsteps of Heinrich Heine through pristine beech forests and rugged rock formations along the mountain stream Ilse.


What cultural experiences are there in the Harz?

Cultural discoveries can be very well combined with wellness in the Harz. Thus, the monastery Ilsenburg was founded around 1018 and was one of the most influential Benedictine monasteries. Worth seeing are the surviving fragments of the plaster screed in the monastery church of St. Peter and Paul from the 12th century. And the visit to the refectory and chapter house of the monastery is definitely worthwhile. Today, many cultural events such as

  • readings,
  • Concerts or
  • exhibitions instead of.

Impressive is also a stay in the former ore mine Rammelsberg. Here ore was mined in the 3rd century. Since 1992, the plant is the first technical monument in Germany on the World Heritage list of UNESCO. With different tours over and under days the visitors get impressions into the living and working world of the people in the resin. Guests are particularly impressed by a ride on the mine train or the inclined lift. Wellness in the Harz can be very exciting.

Girl playing board game at the RoLigio & Wellness Resort Romantischer Winkel – Bad Sachsa

City tours in the Harz

Who makes a few days wellness holiday in the Harz should definitely visit Goslar. The completely preserved old town is characterized by approx. 1,500 half-timbered houses from the 15th to the 19th century. The narrow streets have their own charm and the city fortifications and hospitals are well worth a visit. Of course, the landmark Goslar, the Imperial Palace, is part of the sightseeing program. It was between 1040 and 1050 under Henry III. erected and is considered the most important secular monument of the Salierzeit. For over 200 years, both German and European history have been written here on numerous imperial and court days. In the Pfalzkapelle St. Ulrich is the heart of the 1056 deceased Emperor Henry III. buried.

Romance and wellness in the Harz are combined at Schloss Wernigerode in Saxony-Anhalt. The castle offers the perfect setting for a dream wedding. Marry the bride and groom can spend their time in the castle church as well as in the castle garden under the open sky.

The first installation of the castle from the Middle Ages secured the path of the German emperors to their hunting grounds in the Harz. The castle was later rebuilt again and again. It was not until the 19th century, under the direction of the architect Carl Spring, that today known castle was built. Since 1930, the castle has been open to the public. 40 partially still original furnished living rooms show the wealth of the German high nobility.

Small family reunion in the Harz Mountains at the RoLigio & Wellness Resort Romantischer Winkel – Bad Sachsa

 The gardens of Schloss Wernigerode are among the most beautiful and significant gardens in Saxony-Anhalt. The large castle terrace in front of the entrance gate offers an impressive view over the city to Brocken. The Baroque pleasure garden from the 18th century features the Löwentor in the surrounding wall, the Lindenallee and the Orangerie. In the 19th century, an English landscape park was created with numerous trees.

Is Wellness spa break in the Harz possible with children?

Wellness in the Harz can also be enjoyed together with his children. The Spa & Wellness Resort Romantischer Winkel in Bad Sachsa offers not only its large guests an all-round feel-good program. There are also special spa services for children. The offers range from:

  • Pampering massages with chocolate over
  • Teen facials all the way to
  • Herbal massages to strengthen the immune system.

After so much wellness, the kids can let off steam in the Kids & Teens Club.
Here the children can join

  • Karaoke
  • billiards
  • Kickers and table tennis

enjoy their own personal wellness break in the Harz. For parents, the Spa & Wellness Resort Romantische Winkel offers special offers. The generous spa and sauna area invites you to sweet idleness and a variety of spa treatments makes you forget everyday life quickly.

Lady doing meditation at the RoLigio & Wellness Resort Romantischer Winkel – Bad Sachsa

Fit and active in the Harz

Physical activities in every season are also part of wellness in the Harz. For example, the landscape of the southern Harz, characterized by karstic rocks, offers the best conditions for:

  • hike
  • Nordic walking or
  • Mountain biking.
    No matter if
  • Cross country
  • Down Hill or
  • marathon

Excellently developed mountain bike trails from easy to extremely meander through the picturesque landscape of the Harz. If you prefer a more leisurely pace, you will also find many flat and well-maintained bike paths in the Harz region.
Of course you can also "hike" the resin. Far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, visitors will find peace and relaxation on a well-developed network of hiking trails. Hiking in the Harz is much more than just exploring intact nature. The hikers expect many interesting discoveries in the Harz, such as the:

  • Regenstein castle ruins,
  • the Okertal or the
  • Ravensberg.

Once in a different way, visitors can experience Wellness in the Harz region on a Segway Tour. After an introduction to technology and safety training, the tours lead to the Brocken, for example, or guests book a panoramic tour.
Can you play golf in the Harz?

For many guests, wellness in the Harz means golf in the Harz at the same time. The golf courses in the Harz are not only scenic. They offer both beginners and professionals the best conditions for a nice day on the green.
What about winter sports in the Harz?

In winter, the Upper Harz, the highest region in the Harz region, attracts winter sports enthusiasts to the slopes, cross-country trails and snow-covered hiking trails. Here, the fans of winter sports can

  • Alpine skiing,
  • Cross-country skiing or too
  • Snowshoeing
Wild boar fillet with polenta at the restaurant at RoLigio & Wellness Resort Romantischer Winkel – Bad Sachsa | Harz

Let off steam. After a long day on the slopes or on the trail, everyone can look forward to a relaxing massage for tired muscles or a visit to the sauna in the spa section of their spa hotel.

What culinary specialties are there in the Harz?

Wellness in the Harz and good food are inextricably linked. Who does not know the famous Harz scooter made of skinny quark and seasoned with salt and caraway? It contains at most half a percent fat, but all the minerals and protein from the milk. For the small snack in between there are at many stalls the real Thuringian Rostbratwurst from the charcoal grill. Also known is the Harz stew made of minced pork, seasoned with bacon and cumin, then steamed and smoked. It is the classic accompaniment to brown coal, so the kale is called in the resin. Even vegetables, herbs and potatoes have always been on the plate in the Harz. On the old post road between Braunlage and Tanne a memorial stone commemorates the master hunter Georg von Langen, who introduced the potato in the Harz in 1748.

The Harz is known not only for its hearty delicacies, but also for a number of successful herbal liqueurs and its beer. In the past there were many local breweries in the Harz, but only a few exist. In Altenau and Sangerhausen there are some small a breweries that produce their special beers, such as the top-fermented Gose, Broyhan or the naturally cloudy Bockbier, only for the regional market.

Wellness in the Harz is a holiday for all the senses.