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  • in the north and at the coast
  • in the heart of Germany
  • in Black Forest
  • in Bavaria & Austria

Glossary Wellness

Aerobics – dynamic group fitness training to music

The word aerobic originates from the Greek, meaning with oxygen.  Aerobics is training that takes place at a high oxygen level for a period of time to improve cardiovascular health and ...

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Wellness Hotels and Resorts

You are Unique. Your Well-Being is our concern.

Are you looking for individualized wellness-experiences? Do you appreciate the fact that your treatments originate from the natural environment of your vacation spot? Are you interested in a wellness-vacation topped with healthy offers in sports, nutrition and cultural activities amidst idyllic sceneries? Do you want to do Yoga in the Allgaeu, Thalassic Therapy on the German coast, go hiking in the Black Forest, or biking in the Mecklenburg Lake District? 

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Wellness hotel quality standards

We have your well-being at heart. That is why, from our early days on, we have always valued verifiable quality. To assure that, we set out binding criteria which all hotels have to satisfy to receive our much-sought label. The Wellness Tree mark vouches for a natural location, at least four-star rating, appealing and well-tended wellness zones, trained staff, sustainable management of energy resources and a specifically Wellness-conducive “cuisine vitale”

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In these times of multi tasking, speed and constant availability the old cultural technique of “mindfulness”, which is rooted in Buddhism, has become more and more popular.   It only entered the western world in the 1980s when the American Doctor, Jon Kabat-Zinn invented a training program for stressed patients, which was influenced by elements of Yoga and Meditation.

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Me time

Our daily life is very hectic – everything needs to be done quickly and, ideally, all at the same time. That’s all well and good if we manage to find the right balance. Unfortunately, it’s quite rare that we manage to stop chasing our tails ...

Me time

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Autumn walking weeks

Sport- und Ferienhotel Riedlberg oHG

Autumn walking weeks
ex 749.00 EUR  per Person