Wellnesshotels Eifel

Wellnesshotels Eifel
Wellness in Eifel - Rhineland Palatinate

Wellnesshotel Eifel: Relax in picturesque nature. Many guests associate a visit to a wellness hotel in the Eifel with the desire to simply unwind and the longing for time in the picturesquely beautiful nature. The German part of the Eifel stretches between Aachen in the north, Trier in the south and Koblenz in the east. There are diverse landscapes here that invite numerous outdoor activities. While relaxing in the spa, wellness guests let the experiences pass in review, let their thoughts drift and forget the stress and hectic pace of everyday life - without even noticing.

Wellness vacation in the Eifel

Discover unique natural landscapes on a wellness holiday in the Eifel

Forests, wide meadows, fields and the unique upland moor landscape of the High Fens characterise the Northern part of the Eifel region. The Southern part is distinguished by a worldwide unique maar landscape of lake and dry maars. Wellness tourists experience a great variety of nature in the Eifel. The region stretches from Rhineland-Palatinate and North Rhine-Westphalia to Belgium and Luxembourg. It is a low mountain range whose landscape includes valleys criss-crossed by rivers, impressive rock formations and gently rolling chains of hills. This special region is protected by the Eifel National Park, by the UNESCO Global Geopark Vulkaneifel and by the following nature parks:

  • High Fens-Eifel
  • Volcanic Eifel
  • Southern Eifel
  • Rhineland
Morning mood in the vineyards of the Schalkenmehrener Maar - Michels Wohlfuehlhotel

Exploring the beautiful countryside on a short getaway in the Eifel

Sport-loving travellers benefit from the special nature during a wellness holiday in the Eifel. For all those who prefer to be on the move on two wheels, the Eifel region offers many possibilities: Thanks to a well-developed network of cycle paths and tours with varying difficulties of the route, all cyclists - from beginners to professionals - get their money's worth. One great option, for example, is the Vennbahntrassenweg from Aachen to Sankt Vith, which, with a length of 125 kilometres, is one of Europe's longest railway track cycle paths.

Hiking in the Eifel - actively relaxing on a spa break

There are numerous routes and tours in the Eifel for hikers to discover the special features of nature. A large network of hiking trails ensures that hikers of all levels will find something that suits their taste. The "Maarpfad" hiking trail, for example, leads past seven of the total of nine maars in the Volcanic Eifel and thus provides an overview of the diverse maar landscape. The "Eifelsteig" route, with a length of 313 kilometres, shows very different facets of Eifel nature - from forests to valleys to ranges of hills. Another long-distance hiking trail is the Lieserpfad.

The outdoor pool at Michels Wohlfühlhotel, Rhineland-Palatinate, Volcano Eifel, Schalkenmehren

Discover the sights during a spa break in the Eifel

Cultural highlights that you can experience during a stay in a wellness hotel in the Eifel are picturesque towns such as the cloth-making town of Monschau, the castle village of Korneburg or the municipality of Monreal, which is characterised by numerous half-timbered houses. Everywhere in the Eifel you will come across monuments from different eras, monasteries and castles such as the Genovevaburg, ruins of Roman buildings or museums that are testimony to this history.

Wellnesshotel Eifel: Michels Wohlfühlhotel

The special nature of the Eifel and the sights attract many wellness holidaymakers to the region. In the midst of the volcanic landscape and very close to a maar, you will find the Michels Wohlfühlhotel. The family-run wellness hotel in Schalkenmehren offers its guests the perfect combination of nature, culinary delights and, of course, wellness. Sports enthusiasts, those seeking relaxation and couples who want to spend a romantic weekend are in the right place here.

In the 1,000 sqm country house spa, guests will find a swimming pool, a Finnish sauna, a steam bath, a garden sauna and an extensive range of massages and cosmetics. A physiotherapist is also part of the team.

After an eventful day in nature, the hotel offers its guests the perfect services to relax body and mind.

Wellness holiday in the southern volcanic Eifel - Hotel Molitors Muehle

Wellnesshotel Eifel: Molitors Mill (Muehle)

A place where time almost seems to stand still... This is how Molitors Mill (Muehle) can be described in its idyllic secluded location in the midst of untouched nature. Guests can relax in the cosy atmosphere of this traditional house and enjoy wellness treatments from all over the world. From treatments from the Orient to India to Tibet to Hawaii: exotic massages such as the Lomi Lomi Nui massage invite you to try them out. Guests get to know the beauty of the region as soon as they step through the front door. Nordic walking, cycling or walks through the Eifel allow guests to discover nature up close. Delicious culinary delights await the guests at dinner, with exquisite wines from the hotel's own vineyard complementing the fine menus. Recovering from everyday life is easy here.

Wellness in the southern volcanic Eifel - Hotel Molitors Muehle

Wellnesshotel Eifel: valuable natural products from the region

The Eifel region is home to numerous natural products, such as natural moor. The moor is used for baths, packs or massages and has both an analgesic and a relaxing effect. It also improves the appearance of the skin and can have a positive effect on the skin for women who wish to have children due to the plant based hormones.

Many other products from the region are used in the kitchen at the wellness hotel in the Eifel. The numerous farms in the region are suppliers of cheese and meat products. Trout comes from a trout farm nearby. If you wish to take a treat home with you, you should pay a visit to one of the beekeepers in the Eifel, for example, and stock up on delicious honey.

Joint hiking experiences are unforgettable - Wellness Hotels & Resorts

Wellness in the Volcanic Eifel

Those who spend their wellness holidays in the Volcanic Eifel find themselves in a "country of health". This is the name given to the region by an association of various companies and tourism professionals. In order to live up to this claim, numerous projects have been implemented. These include the Kleine Kyll mindfulness trail in Manderscheid and the spa park in Daun was also designed to motivate more mindfulness. The region's event schedule also includes guided tours with scenic mentors and relaxation coaches. These bring the participants closer to nature and at the same time introduce them to breathing exercises or self-massage, for example.

Those who spend their holidays in a wellness hotel in the Eifel can therefore enjoy pure relaxation - not only in the hotel but in the entire region.

Wellnesshotel in the Eifel: Get away from stress

During a time-out in a wellness hotel in the Eifel, you can switch off in the heart of nature. Time seems to pass a little slower here. Stress almost flies away by itself and guests find it particularly easy to relax.