Wellnesshotel Bavaria

Wellnesshotel Bavaria
Discover Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria on a wellness holiday

Wellness and spa-break in Bavaria, enjoy nature and take your time. Me-time in Bavaria means relaxation in idyllic (mountain-) landscapes. Timeouts in wellness hotels in Bavaria are very popular. Whether you are looking for relaxation and tranquility in the wellness area or the opportunity to do something for your own health: On a holiday in a spa hotel in Bavaria, travelers will get their money's worth. From imposing mountain scenery over crystal clear mountain lakes to picturesque valleys and gorges: the landscape of Bavaria is characterized by a great diversity. Bavaria's attractive spa holiday regions include:

  • Allgäu
  • Bavarian forest
  • Lower Bavaria
  • Upper Bavaria

In the different regions of Bavaria, guests can get to know the Bavarian nature, culture and special features during their relaxing wellness holiday.

Wellness vacation in Bavaria

An impressive story: the natural diversity of the Allgäu

The genesis of the Allgäu began 200 million years ago, when the soil of the primeval sea unfolded into the Alps. The Alpine foothills in the Allgäu are characterized by a mountain and hilly landscape, which was characterized by the last ice age. In the course of the 20,000-year history since the Ice Age, numerous lakes and raised bogs developed in the hollows of the moraine landscape. These include both natural waters such as the Great Alpsee and the Hopfensee as well as artificial lakes such as the Forgensee. The natural diversity of the Allgäu can be ideally discovered on excursions from the spa hotel in Bavaria. In addition, the Allgäu is characterized by the Alps. The largest mountain here is the ´Großer Krottenkopf´ with an altitude of more than 2,600 meters, while the ´Nebelhorn´ is well known as a popular starting point for mountain hikes in the Allgäu. Especially after long hikes through the Allgäu countryside, it is a pleasure to indulge the weary members with a regenerating foot reflexology massage or to take a relaxing break with a view over the next mountain range in the wellness area.

a couple in bathrobes taking a walk through the garden -  Schuele's Gesundheitsresort & Spa | Allgaeu | Bavaria

Wellnesshotel in Bavaria: Culture & Sports in the Allgäu

Many guests also want to get to know the regional culture in the spa vacationer, get to know new things and escape the routine of everyday life. Attractions in the Bavarian Allgäu include the royal castles ´Neuschwanstein´and ´Schoss Hohenschwangau´. Even historic cities like

  • Kempten
  • Isny
  • Füssen
  • Memmingen

invite to excursions through the Allgäu. History lovers and those interested in culture will enjoy their spa holiday in Bavaria as well as athletes. Athletes experience beautiful views on cycling tours in summer. Cycle together on mountain tours and then let your gaze wander into the distance: Picturesque views that will be remembered. In winter, large parts of the Allgäu are transformed into a white paradise for skiers, cross-country skiers or sledders. Even in the cold season, the days in the fresh air are entertaining. Especially winter sports enthusiasts appreciate the combination of sports and wellness in the spa hotel. After long days in the cool winter air of the Allgäu, warming, relaxing breaks in the spa area in the sauna area with tepidarium, caldarium and steam bath do a great job and boost your well-being.

Winter vacation dream: Wellness and ski drive - Hubertus unplugged

Skiers will love it!

Not only the Allgäu is ideal for winter holidays, skiers will find a true paradise for winter sports in all of Bavaria. Popular areas in Bavaria with skiers, for example

  • Oberstdorf in the Oberallgäu with the longest valley run in Germany
  • Zugspitze in Upper Bavaria as the highest mountain in Germany
  • Sudelfeld in Upper Bavaria as the largest ski area in Germany
  • Brauneck in Upper Bavaria as an attractive area for beginners

Many skiers are looking forward to their winter holidays throughout the year. In addition to the notorious après-ski celebrations, more and more athletes are enjoying the peace and quiet of the spa hotel. After a long day of downhill skiing, skiers will feel at home in the wellness area in the evening. Maybe then a little swimming in the pool is announced or a relaxing massage. Depending on their individual needs, wellness vacationers choose the winter holiday in Bavaria, which is good for body, mind and soul.

Relaxing holidays in Bavaria: between sauna landscapes and excursions into nature

Recovery in itself can not be generalized, since people sometimes understand very different things hereunder. While for some it is a long trip to nature, others prefer to relax the whole day in the inviting sauna landscape in a hotel in Bavaria. During sauna sessions, the constant change between physical hot and cold influences stimulates the circulation and stimulates the metabolism. Most wellness hotels in Bavaria appreciate the soothing power of the heat and offer sauna facilities in their homes - and many guests just visit the sauna for a spa vacation.

Finnish Sauna - Summer Resort | Mühlbach Thermal Spa & Romantik Hotel - Lower Bavaria

Sauna & steam bath: relaxation with all senses is announced

After days in the fresh air there is nothing better for many skiers and snowboarders than to warm up completely in the wellness area. While some prefer the steam bath, others prefer the dry heat of the sauna. In a sauna prevails quite a temperature of 70 - 80 ° C before, the steam room is much cooler with at most 50 ° C. Another difference between steam room and sauna is the humidity. This is so high in the steam bath that droplets form in the air. The maximum stay in both the steam room and in the sauna is not more than 15 minutes, ideally a sauna or steam bath takes about 8-12 minutes.

lake Arbersee - Sport- Ferienhotel Riedlberg - Drachselsried - Bavaria

Discover pure nature: Wellness in the Bavarian Forest

The Bavarian Forest as a low mountain landscape is, as the name implies, characterized by a variety of forests. On hikes through the Bavarian Forest National Park, spa guests will discover natural mountain spruce forests, which often have snow until early summer. The mixed mountain forests, which are characterized by warmer temperatures, make up a large part of the Bavarian Forest. In the humid and cold valleys of the Bavarian Forest, nature lovers will find observation forests that, like the mountain spruce forests, are dominated by spruce trees. In addition, wellness vacationers will find other special features of nature such as:

  • the Great Arber as Bavaria's largest mountain outside the Alps
  • Mountain and wet meadows
  • Hochmoore
  • Shafts as forest-free areas that were formerly used as pastures. 
  • Waters such as streams or block fields as areas characterized by stones and blocks.

A relaxing spa break in the Bavarian Forest National Park makes body and mind feeling good. When hiking through the special forest landscapes, the body benefits from the clean mountain air, the mind gains a distance from the hustle and bustle of everyday life: both together strengthen the well-being and holistically harmonize the wellness vacationer. Ideal conditions for getting to know the Trend Waldbaden during a wellness holiday. In addition to beautiful nature in the Bavarian Forest National Park, travelers can visit idyllic Bavarian Forest towns as part of a wellness weekend or short break, including:

  • Passau
  • Deggendorf
  • Regensburg

Whether in summer or winter: Back in the wellness area in the spa hotel in the Bavarian Forest, relaxation is announced. Lush green lawns, infinity outdoor pools and natural ponds in the spa invite you to relax. Surrounded by the nature of the Bavarian Forest, recreation seekers effortlessly manage to switch off from everyday life.

Passauer Dom im Frühling | Bayern

Passau: The three-river city

Well-known as a three-river town, Passau in the district of Niederbayern on the border with Austria invites to excursions. It is referred to as a three-river town, because here the Danube, the Inn and the Ilz flow together. The historic old town of Passau invites you to relax in which travelers escape their everyday lives and spend a day full of adventure in the historic setting. The old town is located on the peninsula at the point where the Danube and Inn merge. Today, the city draws a southern flair, created by Italian Baroque master builders after fires in the 17th century. Fantastic promenades, hidden alleyways and impressive bridges characterize the cityscape of Passau, in which visitors feel at ease even after a short time. When visiting the city, for example, the St. Stephen's Cathedral is worth seeing, which originally goes back to a church from the 5th century.

The cathedral square Passau is the highest point of the old town. In the middle of the cathedral square in Passau stands a monument of King Maximilian I, which was unveiled in 1824, and commemorates the first king of Bavaria. The town hall is located directly on the banks of the Danube and dates back to the 14th century. The entire Danube bank is characterized by historic buildings with a remarkable history. Spending a day in Passau means getting to know a historic city that has not lost its old charm over the years.

Autumn trees | Hotel Sonnengut - Bad Birnbach - Lower Bavaria

Active and relaxed in Lower Bavaria: wellness holidays with thermal springs and golf games

Large parts of the Bavarian Forest belong to the district of Lower Bavaria. But this offers quite different scenes, such as the Frankenalb. Here, much less rainfall than in the Bavarian Forest, which in turn is reflected in the flora and fauna. Another well-known area in Lower Bavaria is the Hallertau as the largest contiguous hop growing area in the world. In some spa hotels in Lower Bavaria, holidaymakers in the wellness areas can also experience wellness treatments with the regional natural product hops. In addition to the hops the landscape is characterized by thermal springs Numerous healing and thermal springs spring up in different cities Niederbayern, these include:

  • Bad Füssing
  • Bad Gögging
  • Bad Birnbach
  • Bad Griesbach
  • Bad Abbach ... or 
  • Eging on the lake

In particular Bad Füssing is known for its spas. Travelers relax here after excursions in the spa hotels in Lower Bavaria the soothing power of water in different forms. Thermal pools in the wellness areas invite you to linger, while the different compositions of the water strengthen the organism. Body, mind and soul come here quickly in line. In Lower Bavaria bubbling in the spas and spa hotels, among other sulfur springs and mineral hot springs. Until 1954, the Upper Palatinate was administered together with Lower Bavaria. Today, the Upper Palatinate impresses with more than 600 castles and palaces, pointing to a colorful past. Art lovers will love the artist village Kallmünz in the Upper Palatinate, cities like Regensburg invite to cultural excursions.

Fit with two sticks - Parkhotel am Soier See | Bad Bayersoien

Wellness hotel in Upper Bavaria

Munich, the third largest city in Germany, is located in the largest district of Bavaria: Upper Bavaria. This is considered the most populous district of Bavaria and has over 4.5 million inhabitants. Whether English Garden, Marienplatz or the Nympenburg Palace: In addition to the cultural liveliness that promises a visit to the state capital of Bavaria, Upper Bavaria is characterized by its natural diversity. Southern Bavaria is characterized by mountains and the Alps, but at the same time there are numerous lakes. Well-known lakes Upper Bavaria are for example:

  • Ferchensee
  • Osterseen
  • Obersee
  • Walchensee
  • Eibsee
  • Königssee
  • Tegernsee
  • Starnberger See
  • the largest lake in Bavaria and the third largest lake in Germany is the Chiemsee.

A popular destination: The Chiemsee in Upper Bavaria

The Chiemsee is also called Bavarian sea. As a well-known recreational area, the Chiemsee attracts both numerous locals and many wellness tourists every year. Am Chiemsee travelers enjoy the benefits of the whole region. Whether bathing or sailing in the summer or hikes across the largest island in the lake, the Herreninsel. Wellness vacationers will also find the unfinished Schloss Herrenchiemsee.

Discover beautiful natural scenery with the family!

Hiking holiday Bavaria: combining wellness and hiking

Hiking and wellness belong together for many. In particular, all those whose everyday life is characterized by a lot of sitting and little exercise, find in spa holidays in Bavaria finally time to explore the region extensively. The variety of landscapes is a true Eldorado for hikers - from imposing mountains over lush green alpine meadows to idyllic valleys. A total of more than 40,000 kilometers of track wait to be discovered on hikes through the Bavarian countryside. Many of the trails include various natural elements and offer a special experience for all the senses. While the eye is pampered by the picturesque beauty of untouched nature, hikers also have the opportunity to breathe again. At the same time relax spa vacationers when hiking, when they listen attentively in the nature. Nature sounds have been proven to have a calming effect on the body. Hiking is thus an experience for body, mind and soul.

Family Wellness - Fun in the pool - Allgaeuer Berghof | Ofterschwang

Whether with a partner, family or friends: relaxing at a wellness weekend in Bavaria is always easy

Many holidaymakers prefer to plan their spa vacation with their partner. Here the common well-being is the focus. During a break at the spa hotel, they can spend time again on the things that often get lost in everyday life. This includes sleeping-in, a hearty breakfast together or the long walk for which there is usually no time. Wellness weekends are also the ideal opportunity to take some time for your own sporting interest. Many wellness hotels, for example, offer fitness classes such as yoga or pilates in the wellness area, or arrange evening events on specific topics. Also the wellness vacation with friends enjoys today great popularity. If there is often only time for a short phone call or a call in everyday life, friends groups enjoy the opportunity to exchange personal experiences and create first-class memories during a spa vacation. Whether well-being breaks in the steam room or adventurous excursions in one city or another: The girl's break is always dreamlike. Depending on common interests, men and women can choose between different arrangements in the spa. Whether sporty yoga retreats, mindfulness seminars or a forest bathing offer: as individual as the wellness hotels in Bavaria are, so different are the respective offers.

Wellness with the family: Family vacation in Bavaria

Today, more and more families are traveling on a spa vacation. Spa hotels geared towards family holidays offer an offer in which both parents and children will get their money's worth. Relaxing breaks for the big, unforgettable game experiences for the little ones: that's the motto. Caring for the children creates the possibility that parents once again find time to do something for two and for their own well-being. Whether joint excursions such as a hike or a quiet lunch: relaxing in the family hotel easily, if the children are looked after by qualified staff and at the same time have an unforgettable time. The restaurants of the spa hotels are designed especially for children. Colorful colors and innovative employment opportunities ensure that the joint dinner in Bavaria becomes a highlight. During the day, the children can enjoy a family holiday in the spacious rooms of the spa hotel, splash around in the children's spa or play on the hotel's own playgrounds. In the meantime, parents enjoy their time away from everyday life and, if they are not there themselves, know that their children are well cared for during their absence. In the family-friendly spa hotels Bavaria big and small get their money.

Discover the healing power of the moor in a wellness holiday - Parkhotel am Soier See | Bad Bayersoien

Experience Medical Wellness in the Wellness Hotels Bavaria

Medical wellness is a popular topic in all age groups. Today, most guests want to work actively on their health and are looking for ways to increase their well-being. Especially in Bavaria Medical Wellness is therefore popular. Numerous thermal springs, from which water bubbles with different beneficial effects, in many places untouched nature and the knowledge of the healing power of various natural products make a health holiday in a spa hotel in Bavaria to a special experience. Medical Wellness - Offers combine wellness and medical knowledge in a holiday, relaxation and regeneration go hand in hand. Both complaints in the medical wellness vacation in Bavaria are treated as well as wellness offers for the maintenance of health.

Gourmet menu - HUBERTUS - Balderschwang - Allgäu

Enjoy Bavarian cuisine meanwhile a spa-break

Whether sporty skiing, long hikes or a trip together with the family: they have in common that spending time in the wonderful nature during a spa holiday in Bavaria makes you hungry. Well-being is the order of the day at the wellness hotel - with all your senses. In addition to relaxing breaks in first-class wellness areas, culinary enjoyment is announced. With a view of the picturesque mountain scenery, the regional dishes taste even better. Typical of the Bavarian cuisine are dumplings, meat and roast dishes as well as pastries. Culinary interested should not miss a snack, so a hearty snack, not to miss. This was once taken as a snack between breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner. Known from the Bavarian culinary arts are, among others:

  • pork
  • Fleischpflanzerl
  • Semolina dumpling soup
  • Sauerkraut
  • Spaetzle
  • Brezn
  • Weisswurst
The Garden | Mühlbach Thermal Spa & Romantik Hotel - Lower Bavaria

Short break with wellness in Bavaria

Whether a longer wellness holiday or a short break with a focus on wellness in Bavaria: A break will definitely be relaxing. Especially on long weekends or when a change of scenery is absolutely necessary, short breaks in Bavaria are the ideal way to gain some distance from everyday life. The multifaceted landscape in Bavaria offers a wide choice: Mountain lovers get their money's worth in the Alps, while city explorers visit places like Passau or Regensburg. Even the beautiful mountain lakes of Bavaria invite you to be discovered on a short break.

All those who live a rather turbulent life come to rest on a short break in the Bavarian mountains. Reason for this is, among other things, the peace, are surrounded by the spa vacationers hiking, and the positive effect of the clear mountain air. Here also the respiratory tract can recover during a short break.

What should I look out for on my holiday in Bavaria?

When booking you should not act rashly, as the selection is quite huge and the offers at spa hotels with saunas on massage centers to hotels with spas enough. So you should be aware of what you want for your vacation. It is also important that for various applications such as massages in the spa right at the time of booking fixed dates - because nothing is annoying when you arrive and the spa hotel on site no wellness treatments can offer more. Some holidaymakers in the spa hotel would rather like to hike and do sports in Bavaria, others are looking forward to a varied cultural program and others would like to sleep in and be pampered in a spa or enjoy trips to the spa. All these wishes will certainly be fulfilled in a wellness hotel in Bavaria.

Exterior view - Sport- Ferienhotel Riedlberg - Drachselsried - Bavaria

Wellnesshotel Bayern Offers: Experience individual arrangements

During a short break or a wellness weekend in Bavaria, those seeking relaxation can choose from a wide range of offers, which often have a close connection to the respective region of Bavaria. An example of this is the use of regional thermal water in the spa area as well as in the entire spa hotel. Other spa hotels rely on offers with regional natural products such as hops in Hallertau. Guests can also feel the power of nature in wellness treatments such as massages or baths. Recreation seekers enjoy individual offers during a break in a wellness hotel in Bavaria and experience time-outs that bring body, mind and soul in line and lasting in memory.