Wellnesshotel North Hesse

Wellness holidays in Hessen with a view of the Edersee

Wellnesshotel North Hesse


Wellness in the northern part of Hesse. Wide lawns, green forests and idyllic rivers are indicative for the low range mountain landscape in the northern part of Hesse. Here nature can be enjoyed in its native form. Amongst others, the national park Kellerwald-Edersee is perfect for hikes with guaranteed breath taking views. Hidden in nature, visitors discover old castles and historical palaces like for example the Burg Waldeck.

The northern part of Hesse is especially known as home of the 'Grimm brothers'

as the siblings stayed for some time in Hesse in the 19th century to collect stories for their fairy tales and to write them down. So if you visit northern Hesse you might come across the sleeping beauty palace in Sababurg in Reinhardswald, or the mother hulda pond in Werratal.

Pure nature in the national park Kellerwald-Edersee

Right in the centre of the nature park Kellerwald-Edersee the national park of the same name is located, which belongs to the UNESCO world nature heritage. The Edersee, the second biggest barrier lake in Germany, also belongs to the park. The lake can be distinguished by its high water quality and is therefore an attractive destination for people who practice water sports. After a dry period visitors can here even discover Atlantis, as when there is a low water level, remains of former villages from the 20th century can be found. Also a wildlife park belongs to this beautiful area, where animals such as deer can even be fed. 

Paradise for hikers

Hikers find their true wellness paradise in the northern part of Hesse as there are hiking paths for every possible demand. Whether you prefer simple or difficult routes, long or short: Hikers discover the beautiful nature in well-marked routes. Themed hikes like the fairy tale hike are especially fun!

Getting sporty in the northern part of Hesse

Also bikers will for sure enjoy the northern area of Hesse, as for example the Fulda biking path or the Eder biking path are really beautiful. Numerous wellness hotels in Hesse offer their guests bikes, so they can discover the surrounding. Plenty of seas and rivers are perfect for sportsmen and sportswomen to go sailing, diving, surfing, or even water skiing. Besides that, various golfing locations with great views are the perfect timeout while combining physical activity with enjoyment.

Wellness and winter sports in Willingen

During the cold winter time the low mountain range in northern Hesse offers active sportsmen and sportswomen all sorts of possibilities as during this season Hesse turns into a snow paradise. Whether you want to hike in a winter wonderland, riding down the slopes with your skiers or your snowboard, everything at that time is really fun. As an alternative you can also discover the environment by carriage with real horses. Here, all your winter dreams you ever had come true. Especially Willingen is an appealing destination for sports loving people as here every year the world cup of skiing takes place. But even if you are a beginner you shouldn't hesitate going: There are plenty of courses for people who are just about to discover their love for winter sports. 

Pure wellness

After spending the day outside in the cold what you need right now is a spa treatment. Wellness hotels like the Familien- & Wellnesshotel Sonnenpark, Göbel's Landhotel or im Freund | Romantik Hotel & Spa are the perfect locations to relax and just to enjoy yourself.