Hiking & Wellness

Hiking together in a wellness holiday is a relief

Hiking holiday in a wellness hotel

Enjoy the view from mountains, discover forests or walk for hours along the coast, looking out over the expanse of the sea: Hiking is popular today with young and old alike. Hikes are walks that are organised for leisure purposes and last several hours. Germany's diverse landscapes offer an El Dorado of possibilities for hiking enthusiasts. Whether in the mountains, along the coast or in the heart of Germany: everywhere you go, nature inspires with its diversity.

Hiking on the North Sea and Baltic Sea

Summer on the coast is wonderful and the beach, sun and sea attract many holidaymakers to German seas every year. In summer, but also in all other seasons, the coast also offers all kinds of options for hiking holidays. During a wellness holiday at the North Sea, guests experience high and low tide several times a day and can explore the seabed during mudflat walks. While the North Sea offers a unique natural spectacle, hikers on the Baltic Sea discover many unique landscapes. Whether chalk cliffs on the island of Rügen, long sandy beaches on Usedom or gently rolling hills in Holstein Switzerland: wellness holidaymakers discover something new with every hike.

Hiking in the heart of Germany

Even without coasts and high mountains, the regions in the centre of Germany are varied: many forests, wide meadows and beautiful lakes characterise the landscape. Whether in the Lusatian Lakeland with its water world, the Sauerland with its wide meadows and forests or the Eifel with its special maar landscape: every region in the centre of Germany has special attractions for hikers - and that at any time of year. While hikers experience the blossoming nature in spring and summer, the centre of Germany enchants with picturesque autumnal forests in autumn and snow-covered landscapes in winter. On secured winter hiking trails, holidaymakers gain unique impressions of the sleeping nature in the cold season.

Hiking holidays in the mountains

Discover beautiful natural scenery with the family!

Anyone who has ever climbed a mountain and then let their gaze wander over the surrounding valleys knows what a special feeling the ascent of a mountain gives. Many regions in southern Germany, in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg, are perfect for mountain hiking. Here hikers discover the beautiful mountain nature, experience how it changes with the altitude and return in the evening exhausted but happy to a cosy, well-deserved meal in a mountain hotel.

Hiking and Wellness

Germany is a true paradise for hikers. With almost 200,000 kilometres of secured hiking trails, every hiker will find something to suit them. After a strenuous day with many new impressions, there is almost nothing better than returning to your hotel and simply letting yourself be pampered - at dinner, at evening events or in the spa area. Gourmets of all kinds will find a delicious meal at the wellness hotel and cultural events will provide entertainment in the evening. The wellness holidaymakers can then enjoy themselves in the spa. Whether it's holistic relaxation with warming sauna sessions, regenerating massages that loosen up the muscles for the next day, or a refreshing swim in the hotel pool: relaxation is easy after a day of hiking in the wellness hotel.

Our Hiking & Wellness-Tips for you

Happy skin

A plucking massage around the navel tightens the skin, improves blood circulation and stimulates the production of collagen fibers. So: Pinch your skin clockwise between thumb and index finger once a day until it reddens slightly. Use a firming oil at the same time to intensify the effect.

Skip that rope

Rope jumping is now called Rope Skipping and has become a serious sport. In the gym or at home: Now you can jump over narrow neon-colored "speed ropes" to your favorite music. It trains stamina, movement and coordination and take you right back to your childhood.

A sour miracle weapon

Citrus fruits can stimulate fat burning, have a detoxifying effect and generally put you in a happy mood. Pick a day and let the powers of the juice convince you. Press out the juice of four big grapefruits and three lemons and add freshly pressed orange juice until you have a total of two liters. Dilute this power mixture with two more liters of water and drink it over the course of the day.


Even more about Hiking & Wellness

Wellness Glossary

Aroma Foot Bath

An aroma foot bath acts as a relaxing and vitalizing foot bath. For this purpose essential oils are used.

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Bare foot path

The pleasure of a bare foot path can be found in the sensuous experience of walking barefoot over different ground textures like tree pits, pine cones, bark mulch, wood shavings; grass or moss paths. Regularly carrying out bare foot walking not only gives a sensuous experience, it is also very beneficial for the general health.

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