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Quality time for us. Quality time with your partner almost seems unattainable these hectic days in between work, children and all other responsibilities. But shared timeouts are of great importance for every relationship and therefore every now and then definitely necessary.

Romantic time out for two in a Wellness Hotel - Wellness-Hotels & Resorts

Wellness weekends for couples

Even though the occasions for those weekends might be rare, the anticipation will be even bigger once you have found a suitable date. Wellness for your souls and bodies - while the grandparents are taking care of the children.

Wellness time - Time for two at the pool - Wellness-Hotels & Resorts

Offers for couples in wellness hotels

Wellness hotels are conscious about how those timeouts are especially valuable for couples. Therefore, they propose plenty of offers, which can be experienced and enjoyed together.

Amongst others, you can enjoy massages and relaxing baths together. Maybe even with a glass of champagne?

Taking walks or even doing hikes together gives you the opportunity to talk about and reflect on all the things that you don't have the time for at home.

After those physical activities there is nothing more tempting than a spa. After a relaxing visit in the sauna you will forget that everyday stress even exists.

Couple at the restaurant Teichpavillon during a stylish dinner at Hotel Deimann, Schmallenberg, Hochsauerland

Romantic candlelight dinner

In the evening, you and your partner deserve a romantic candlelight dinner. Here, great importance will be attached to fresh and regional food, which will spoil you. Of course the cooks consider possible incompatibilities. To end this beautiful day, you can enjoy delicious drinks at the bar.

Taking consciously timeouts together as a couple is important in order to regain strength for the challenges of everyday life.

Our Time for us-Tips for you

Healing North Sea air

Long, wide sandy beaches, dunes and the Wadden Sea - the North Sea coast is a popular holiday destination and equally perfect for allergy and asthma sufferers. The salty, fresh sea air is low in pollen, moistens the lungs and removes stubborn mucus.

Aqua Kick Punch

At Aqua Kick Punch your training partner is the water. Elements from aqua gymnastics, teakwondo and boxing are combined. Aqua Kick Punch reduces stress and strengthens the heart and circulation.


A good way to learn vocabularies is on an ergometer. Not only will you keep your mind and body fit this way, but you will even be able to memorize what you have learnt a lot better. US scientists found out that working out is good for your memory. 


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Wellness Glossary

Full Body Aroma Massage

The full-body aroma massage is a massage with fragrant essential oils. It has a positive effect on the psyche.

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The term "detox" is defined in the English Oxford Dictionary as "the removal of toxic substances". In recent years, detoxing has been increasingly used by the cosmetics industry to sell teas, shower gels, shampoos and food supplements.

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