Wellnesshotel Baden-Wurttemberg

Wellnesshotel Baden-Wurttemberg
Sunrise at Schliffkopf in Baden Wuerttemberg | Nationalpark-Hotel Schliffkopf

Wellness and spa-break in Baden-Württemberg, enjoy the south of Germany. Wellness in Baden-Württemberg is particularly versatile and relaxing for wellness tourists. A very varied landscape and the cultural, as well as historical treasures offer the holidaymakers a great variety.

Whether historical small towns, active cities or the pure nature. If you want to relax in the spa hotel in Baden-Württemberg, you can do a variety of things during the day. In the evening tourists can then enjoy their spa hotel and its spa services full of new discoveries.

Autumn in the Black Forest | Baden-Württemberg | Nationalpark-Hotel Schliffkopf

Black Forest: What can one experience here?

A very special destination for a spa holiday in Baden-Württemberg is the Black Forest. Since 2014, this includes the nature reserve Black Forest, the only national park, which is offered to the holiday makers on a spa-break in Baden-Württemberg.

The wellness guest can explore the area both by bike and on foot. According to the organizers, it will take up to centuries before nature has completely devoted itself to itself, and there are already some exciting developments in the forest. But which activities are still possible during your holiday at the Wellnesshotel in the Black Forest? In the Black Forest National Park, the guest can explore the bogs, lakes and lakes during a spa holiday in Baden-Württemberg. The eye offers a seemingly limitless expanse of spruce-fir-beech forests. Due to the different habitats, also show some special species. Whether bats, deer and red deer, otters or adders - the holiday in Baden-Württemberg has a lot to offer, especially in the Black Forest.

View of the Schliffkopf | Nature Park Hotel Schliffkopf | Baiersbronn | Northern Black Forest | Baden-Wuerttemberg

Which wellness vacation is worthwhile, especially on rivers and lakes?

Wellbeing and relax is very appealing to many, when water is nearby. With the most beautiful places in Baden-Wuerttemberg one finds at the Lake Constance. With eleven islands, 536km2 and a maximum depth of 251m, it is by far the largest German lake. Even on a short break travelers should not miss the popular attraction. Lake Constance lies in the foothills of the Alps and therefore offers a wonderful environment both in winter and in summer. Whether skiing, hiking or sightseeing in the Lake Constance region - wellness trips are worthwhile here.

In addition to Lake Constance, there are also the Rhine and the Neckar area. Around the Neckar, the natural landscape is considered particularly attractive. In the cities of Bad Schönborn, Buchen or Mosbach worthwhile for those seeking relaxation even a short break.

Rezeptionstheke des BergSpa im Nationalpark-Hotel Schliffkopf, Baden-Württemberg, Schwarzwald, Schliffkopf-Baiersbronn

Wellness in Baden-Wuerttemberg: National Park Hotel Schliffkopf

If you love tradition, you will also feel very comfortable in the National Park Hotel Schliffkopf. The hotel has been owned by the Fahrner family for 75 years. The tranquility of nature on the top of the Black Forestalso seems to be transferred to the tranquility of the staff.

The spa hotel in Baden-Württemberg is located high up on the Schwarzwaldhochstraße. Who wants to switch off, has found the right place here. Located near Freudenstadt, the hotel offers an exciting excursion to the historic town. The Ellbachsee observation deck, the barefoot path and the monastery in the region are also popular with travelers.

In the BergSPA of the National Park Hotel Schliffkopf you have to enjoy the perfect mixture of active and passive. Relaxing treatments are just as possible here as participation in the sports program of the spa hotel.

View into the green from the terrace of the Nationalpark-Hotel Schliffkopf, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Black Forest, Schliffkopf-Baiersbronn

What can I enjoy in culinary terms during a spa holiday in Baden-Württemberg?

If you want to enjoy culinary delicacies during your spa vacation in Baden-Württemberg, you can look forward to the ancient traditional cuisine. For example, most of the spa hotels in Baden-Württemberg offer Swabian dishes. Traditional cuisine has an ancient history. Since many centuries ago, the soil in the lands of Baden-Württemberg was very hard, was not to think of a large variety in livestock. Meat was meant for the wealthy citizen. The normal people in Baden-Wuerttemberg were dependent on eating offal and simple pastries. To this day, these dishes have been kept. These are usually hearty, rather uncomplicated and were formerly called "poor people food". Today, the traditional cuisine in Baden-Württemberg is highly valued and is also used by hotels in Baden-Württemberg to make their guests happy. Examples of the kitchen in Baden-Württemberg are:

  • Spaetzle
  • Maultaschen
  • Schupfnudeln
  • Zwiebelrostbraten
  • Laugenbretzel
  • Baetscher

Especially in selected wellness hotels in Baden-Württemberg with 4 stars or wellness hotels in Baden-Württemberg with 5 stars, guests can look forward to a delicious cuisine.

With whom can I travel to the spa hotel in Baden-Wuerttemberg?

The spa holiday in Baden-Württemberg can be enjoyed in different ways and with the most diverse people together. With the best friend on the weekend, with the partner for Valentine's Day or with the children in the summer holidays. In the best case, of course, a tradition arises, which comes back at regular intervals.

  • Wellness holiday in Baden-Wuerttemberg for couples

Especially couples can enjoy their spa holiday in Baden-Württemberg. The diversity of the country, the mix of wellness, nature and culture is perfect and leaves nothing to be desired. Also, for example, looking for a spa hotel in Baden-Wuerttemberg on New Year's Eve, can look forward to great viewpoints for the fireworks.

  • Wellness vacation in Baden-Wuerttemberg

But women also get their spa vacation in Baden-Wuerttemberg at their expense. Whether wellness with your best friend or hen party, the girls groups in selected hotels or at certain times undisturbed indulge in the spa experience in Baden-Württemberg.

  • Wellness hotel for pregnant women Baden Wuerttemberg

For recreation, the time at the spa hotel in Baden-Württemberg is also a popular alternative for pregnant women. Here the respiratory system and the skin get the chance to breathe deeply through the natural air. As a little break, pregnant women can be pampered and relax.

  • Wellness hotel with baby and children in Baden Wuerttemberg

The countless sports activities make the wellness holiday with the family a balanced experience. Sometimes it is also possible to accommodate the children in a kids club by the hour in the wellness hotel in Baden-Wuerttemberg for the whole family. In the spa hotel with baby and children, so parents can also relax.

Sonnenuntergang über den Baumwipfeln des Schwarzwalds beim Nationalpark-Hotel Schliffkopf, Baden-Württemberg, Schliffkopf-Baiersbronn

What kind of excursions can I make during my spa vacation in Baden-Wuerttemberg?

Although the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg only merged in 1952, the history of the individual countries is of course older. Therefore, guests can look forward to some spa sights in Baden-Wuerttemberg. Numerous museums, exhibitions and, of course, the castles are destinations for a perfect trip during a spa holiday in Baden-Württemberg.

Ideal for wellness tourists in Baden-Wuerttemberg are day trips to the castles Solitude, Lichtenstein, Karlsruhe, Heidelberg and Ludwigsburg. The castle Hohenzollern completes the impressions of historical buildings. Those who prefer to stay in and around museums should drive to the Pfahlbaummuseum Unteruhldigen on Lake Constance. And a visit to the Porsche Museum or the Mercedes Benz world is also worthwhile when traveling through Baden-Wuerttemberg.

If you prefer to enjoy the city culture has an equally large variety. The state capital Stuttgart invites wellness vacationers to a walk on the Koenigsstraße. Heidelberg is considered one of the most popular university cities, but also attracts scientists and visitors from all over the world. In addition to the renowned university, spa tourists can still visit the picturesque old town and the old castle ruins. In Speyer there is a medieval castle and monastery culture, this is also a popular destination during a wellness trip in Baden-Wuerttemberg.

Guest and yoga trainer practice in the garden of the Nationalpark-Hotel Schliffkopf, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Black Forest, Schliffkopf-Baiersbronn

Freiburg - If you are already here, you can use the short break for an experience in Europa-Park during your spa vacation in Baden-Wuerttemberg. An exciting opportunity to enjoy the massage in the evening during a spa holiday in Baden-Wuerttemberg all the more.

How can I be active in a spa holiday in Baden-Wuerttemberg?

If you are looking for a sports and spa hotel in Baden-Württemberg, they are in the right place in the Black Forest. In the natural landscape, wellness tourists can also be active in the outdoors. Due to the high location and corresponding areas, during a wellness trip in Baden-Wuerttemberg in winter snow sports are possible. In addition to skiing and snowboarding, there are some slopes and hills where wellness tourists can sledge.

In the snow-free seasons, travelers can also enjoy the following sports in nature during a spa holiday in Baden-Wuerttemberg:

  • Nordic Walking
  • hiking
  • cycling
  • climbing
  • rowing

Of course, there are many more outdoor sports that can be enjoyed during the wellness trip in Baden-Württemberg.

If you want to experience golf and wellness in Baden-Wuerttemberg, you can find your balance in numerous golf clubs. Baden-Württemberg is not in vain considered a "golf country". With over 90 golf courses Baden-Wuerttemberg offers every golf enthusiast the opportunity to practice his sport. From professional golfers to golf beginners: everyone will find their green here. Especially for beginners or the short trip next to the spa vacation, there are 40 additional short courses and practice tracks nearby. Anyone who has an eye on nature can count himself lucky in Baden-Wuerttemberg. A good half of all golf courses participate in the environmental project "Gold und Natur" of the German Golf Association. This is particularly about the creation of habitat for reptiles, birds and microorganisms.

Yoga session | Wellness-Hotels & Resorts

Where can I experience nature during a spa holiday in Baden-Wuerttemberg?

Nature in Baden-Wuerttemberg is particularly diverse. There are deep forests, countless lakes and wide clearings. So if you want to be pampered by nature impressions is right here. In addition to the Black Forest National Park, the Titisee and Triberg Waterfalls are particularly popular. But the Swabian Alb and the Upper Danube Nature Park are also becoming increasingly popular with visitors.´

Other worthwhile sights are:

  • Waterfalls of All Saints
  • Bad Urach waterfall
  • Reichenau Island
  • Mummelsee
  • Fortress Hohentwiel
  • Lake Constance
  • Neckar Valley

Wellness vacationers can look forward to a particularly natural state in the hotel in Baden-Württemberg. These include the zoological and botanical garden Wilhelma in Stuttgart, the nature reserve Wilder See-Hornisgrinde and the island of Mainau. Nature in a spa holiday Baden-Wuerttemberg is therefore sufficient.

What can a spa in the spa hotel in Baden-Wuerttemberg look like?

Depending on the star category, size and orientation, the spa area at the spa hotel in Baden-Wuerttemberg may vary. Most hotels offer a pool, possibly even a swimming pool, massages and other treatments. The offers in the spa hotel are always different. Guests should inform themselves well in advance and clarify with the reception, which availabilities exist.