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Green, red and yellow peppers - Rich in vitamins & healthy

Wellness, Gourmet and Indulgence

Conscious and healthy nutrition means wellness for body and soul. A healthy diet has nothing to do with slimming mania or diet food, but rather with preventing diseases of civilisation such as high blood pressure, cardiovascular problems or diabetes. A change in diet and a healthy food awareness can also help to strengthen a positive attitude to life.

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When going grocery shopping you should always pay attention to buying bio vegetables and bio meat. Even though products from the farmer might not be always the cheapest solution, in the long run they will do good to your health and to our environment. Strolling through markets can already be a spa experience itself: The scent of fresh vegetables, cheese and fish while looking at all the colourful displays is such a joyful activity.

The advantages of a plant-based diet

Preparing your food the right way is also very important. Steaming the food for example protects the vitamins. As you can see: A healthy nutrition vitalizes body and soul!

Healthy nutrition in wellness hotels

In all of our wellness hotels, healthy food is a definite must. Doesn't matter what you order, you can be sure that it always suits the standards of the wellness vital kitchen. Many hotels even offer their guests advices on how to eat properly and offer many stimulating recipes.

Our Wellness & Fine dining-Tips for you

Dark fruit varieties make slim

You want to lose weight? Then you should include dark fruits such as blackberries and blueberries in your diet. They stimulate the metabolism in a very special way and also taste wonderful!

Body happiness with goji berries

Their polysaccharides and their high vitamin level ensure a strong immune system. Simple snack on a handful of the berries and there will be no reason to be unhappy anymore!

Vitamin bomb: Beetroot

Beetroot contains the plant pigment betanin which strengthens the immune system. Additionally, they contain provitamin A, vitamin B, iron, iodine, potassium and magnesium that refill the body’s vital substances. Served as a salad with apples or pears – a true delicacy!  


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Wellness Glossary


Bodyforming, bodyshaping or bodystyling are workouts which are particularly effective in improving the figure and targeting problematic areas. 

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Body Slimming

Body slimming is a cure which is carried out through different training and/or therapy approaches.

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