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Green, red and yellow peppers - Rich in vitamins & healthy

Losing weight on holiday

Weight loss is an issue for many people. In surveys again and again many people state that they want to lose weight. While some people make the decision to do so and stick to their weight loss programme until it shows the desired results, many others find it difficult to reach and maintain their desired weight.

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If you want to change your weight, you have to change your lifestyle. More exercise and a change in diet are the two mainstays of losing weight. But in everyday life we are often so caught up in our habits that it is very difficult to establish a new lifestyle.

This is why losing weight on holiday is perfect for laying the foundation for a life with a desired weight. Far away from our familiar surroundings and everyday routines, it is easier to be active in beautiful nature, enjoy healthy food and let yourself be pampered, for example during a detoxifying body treatment.

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Also, when losing weight in a wellness hotel, experts are on hand to help you lose weight healthily, to motivate you and to provide advice.

How to lose weight on holiday?

There are countless programmes on the market to help you lose weight. And there are also different ways to lose weight on holiday.

Basically, if you want to lose weight on holiday, the first thing you should do is find a suitable hotel with the right offers. The second step is to thoroughly check whether the weight loss options on offer match your own ideas.

The spectrum of possibilities for losing weight during a wellness holiday ranges from fasting cures to detoxification weeks to short holidays during which weight loss is supported by technical equipment.

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Healthy weight loss on holiday

Basically you can hold on: If you want to lose weight in a healthy way, you need to have enough time to do so. Sustainable weight loss that does not immediately fall victim to the yo-yo effect cannot usually be advertised with "five kilos less in five days" or similarly tempting effects.

If you want to lose weight healthily, you should not only look at your diet, but also make sure you get enough exercise. This is particularly easy to do on a wellness holiday. The activity programmes and sports offers in the hotels allow you to get to know very different kinds of sports. So everyone can find the exercise that is most fun. In a group or with a personal trainer, it is also easier to overcome your inner bastard.

Losing weight on holiday with medical supervision

If you want to lose weight on holiday and need to be accompanied by a doctor, choose a hotel with medical wellness. In Schüle's Gesundheitsresort & Spa, for example, detoxing includes a medical consultation tailored to the guest, in which an individual health plan is developed. At "F. X. MAYR detox" in Bad Clevers Gesundheitsresort & Spa, medical and medical services include medical examinations and check-ups as well as laboratory tests.

Losing weight during a wellness holiday

Detoxing programmes, fasting cures or other offers for detoxification and purification do not usually serve primarily to reduce weight. However, a fasting cure can be a good start to a change of lifestyle. So the main aim is not to lose as much weight as possible while fasting in a hotel. Rather, the body should be purified and vitalised. This is the best way to start a change to a healthier lifestyle.

In addition, experts such as doctors, nutritionists and sports therapists provide guests on holiday with the right tips to achieve and, above all, maintain their desired weight at home in a healthy and sustainable way.

Our Weight loosing-Tips for you

Healthy snack: vegetable chips

Chips without a guilty conscience? - You can do that with vegetable chips. Take your favorite vegetable, cut it into thin slices and put everything in the oven at 140 degrees for 40 - 50 minutes. The snack is ready. 

More power with Tai-Chi

‘Carry the sky and feel the earth’ – that is the name of the exercise that is good for your digestion and has a blood purifying effect. Stand up straight, place your feet in one line with your hips and shoulders and bend your knees slightly. Elongate your right arm and press the left arm down. The palms of your hand should be parallel to the floor. Hold your breath for 2-3 seconds, then breath out and switch arms. Repeat for eight times.

Red, yellow, green

Colorful vegetables do not only look great but are healthy too. The more colorful your meals are, the more balanced your nutrition. You also make sure to supply your body with enough vitamins, minerals and secondary plant substances that protect your cells.


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