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Happy in a wellness holiday by the sea

Wellness vacation: more than just relaxing

Not only the level of stress in permanent relaxation is falling into the abyss,

but also the mood. That's why movement is the ideal way to create a gentle mood. You don't have to perform at your best during the wellness holidays, but can move around at a relaxed pace and enjoy yourself. After all, if you are too focused on performance during sports, you will find it hard to let go. Golfers are also specialised in this. Golf has become a popular sport. The right mix of golf and wellness holidays can be found in the establishments of the leading hotel cooperation Wellness-Hotels & Resorts. I

n all regions: whether wellness holidays on the North Sea or the Baltic Sea, from Nordeney, the islands of Rügen, Usedom. In the most beautiful holiday regions in the heart of Germany: from Brandenburg to the Sauerland, the Naheland or the Eifel. And in the south: From the Black Forest to the Allgäu and the wellness hotel in the Bavarian Forest. Especially in Tyrol in Austria you can find beautiful golf courses.

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Wellness breaks: good for the work-life balance

What does happiness mean? ... Money, success, property, time? Health is the most important value that consumers stated in a study by the Allensbach Institute: Already one third of the 30-40 year olds pay a lot of attention to health. This is often the reason for choosing wellness holidays, not least in order to maintain one's own working capacity. Taking time out from everyday life is becoming increasingly important for a work-life balance. In the return to the peace and quiet of nature, to oneself, the relaxation value of a holiday in a good wellness hotel lies in the relaxation value of a holiday. And with holistic methods that have an interaction between body, mind and soul, such as Kneipp, Felke, Thalasso, Ayurveda, you can relax wonderfully.  Individually compiled programmes combining progressive muscle relaxation, yoga, health check-ups, work-life balance talks are also well suited for wellness holidays.

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Wellness breaks: Detox and Co. in the wellness hotel

A pinch of healthy food - an exercise programme and plenty of fresh air - and you'll lose those annoying pounds in no time at all. Whether or not someone is struggling with extra kilos - conscious nutrition is very much in vogue. After all, a healthy, balanced diet not only makes you attractive, it also makes you fit. For example, you can boost your metabolism during a wellness holiday, have fewer cardiovascular problems and prevent gastrointestinal problems. Many people use the quiet time during the wellness holidays to get rid of eating sins that have crept in, to change their diet or to get their body, mind and soul going again through therapeutic fasting. By the way: In order to keep the Vitality Cuisine of the wellness hotels up to date with the latest nutritional science, the cooks are regularly trained in seminars. Fasting during the wellness holidays? "Many a person finds out after two days that the guests who are fasting for healing are just as cheerful and fun, and they try it out for themselves. - says an experienced hotel owner.

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