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Experiencing Ayurveda in wellness hotels

Feeling well-balanced and overall content - that's what many of us crave for. But bad habits like our nutrition or a lack of movement are way too incorporated in our everyday life. We want this to change but more than often we don't have the right approaches. An Ayurveda treatment here can help to start implementing the change. But how does one exactly define Ayurveda?

Ayurveda: the basics

Ayurveda describes the traditional Hindu system of medicine. After receiving Ayurveda treatments, patients often report that they feel like newly born. Due to these positive effects on our bodies, many wellness hotels focus on Ayurveda. Ayurveda approaches a holistic body concept based on nutritional education, regulation therapy and botanical medicine. Aim of every Ayurveda treatment is to balance out the 3 energies of life. Those are:
  • Vata: The principle of movement
  • Pitta: The principle of metabolism
  • Kapha: The principle of structure
The 5 essential components of Ayurveda are: Earth, water, fire, air and ether. According to the Ayurvedic school of thought, the earth is made up out of these 5 elements.

Holistic Ayurveda approach

Holism means the unity of body, mind and soul. Depending on the balance of our bodies, we are either healthy or ill. External influences like air pollution and everyday stress influence the well-being of our body. Ayurveda treatments therefore focus on a healthy lifestyle and nutrition as well as stopping bad habits. 

Ayurveda: Wellness treatments

Who doesn't have the time for a full Ayurveda treatment can gain new energy by enjoying diverse wellness treatments. An Ayurvedic oil massage for example does not only help you to relax but also strengthens skin and connective tissue. Another popular Ayurvedic treatment is the shirodhara, which heals exhaustion, sleep disorders and migraines. But also Ayurvedic herb-baths are effective, as they support the blood circulation.

Experiencing Ayurveda in wellness hotels

Who wants to familiarize with Ayurveda can do so in a wellness hotel. Here, guests receive important background information and in-depth knowledge about the traditional Indian medicine.