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Wellness and relaxation sound like magic words to many pregnant women. Especiall during this time where many changes take place women have to deal with

  • Sickness
  • Mood swings
  • Swollen feet and legs and
  • Back pain

But every pregnancy is also a wonderful and special time

for you and your partner, and that's why you should treat yourselves and enjoy some quality time. Many wellness hotels know about how precious the for now last time together is and offer therefore special 'babymoon' treatments. The perfect time for a getaway is during the second trimester as before the 12th and after the 32nd week you should avoid certain treatments.

Visiting the sauna during pregnancy

Before going to the sauna you should consult your doctor. When you follow certain rules a sauna visit can be very pleasant as the heat does support the blood circulation and even reduces accumilation of water. But pay attention the the temperature, as it shouldn't be too hot.

Massages during pregnancy

A massage, releasing tensions, is exactly what your stressed body needs now. During a massage your body even produces endorphins which have a mood-lifting effect. You can either enjoy the massage sitting or while laying on the side, whatever is the most comfortable for you.

Yoga & Babymoon

Yoga helps pregnant women to prepare mentally and physically for the birth. Breathing technique exercises and extension exercises improve flexibility and endurance. Practicing Yoga can even help to heal back pain and improve water retentions. Besides that, it helps you to relax.
In order to make the best out of your 'babymoon' you should inform your wellness hotel of choice about your pregnany, so they can prepare and make sure you have a nice time.

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