Fasting Breaks in Bavaria: Cleanse and Rejuvenate in the Alps

It is no secret that what we put into our bodies affects our physical and mental performance and well-being. Yet in the to-ing and fro-ing of everyday life we are conditioned to think that more food equals more energy. Fasting, the act of abstaining from eating, is an attempt to rid the body of the toxins which have amassed as a result of unhealthy living and stress, and to finely retune and resensitize the body to the effects of the foodstuffs it consumes.

Fasting Breaks in Bavaria

This intensive form of detoxification is best done with the support of medical professionals, in a safe and comfortable space in which the fasting person is removed from the stresses, clutter, and noise of the everyday. Many modern spa hotels offer guided fasting programmes under the rubric of 'medical wellness'. There medical professionals will be on hand to guide the fasting person through the therapy, and the hotel's spa facilities, massage specialists, and exercise facilities and classes are used as an excellent accompaniments to the programme. Hotels particularly suitable for a fasting break in Bavaria are the Parkhotel Bayersoien and Bad Clevers Gesundheitsresort, both of which offer the F.X. Mayr cure, a form of fasting therapy that focuses on cleansing the intestine and combining the traditional fasting method with manual abdominal therapy.

The Hotels

The Bayersoien has a specifically designated 'quiet area' where fasting guests can sit away from the alluring smells of cooked food. The hotel's luxury package includes colonic hydrotherapy, detoxifying whole body massage, and manual lymphatic drainage. The Bad Clevers begins the fast with a medical examination, F.X. Mayr diagnosis, and individual dietary plan. This is supported by respiratory training, meditation, physiotherapy and spa therapies. Combined with a breathtaking natural environment and pure mountain air, it is no surprise that fasting breaks in a wellness hotel in Bavaria come highly recommended.