Healthy sleep

in times of performance pressure

'Sleep is to a man what winding up is to a clock.' The Philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer described pretty well how important enough and sufficient sleep is.

More and more people suffer from sleep disturbances

But how come that many of us can't seem to find well-deserved rest during nighttime? Phenomena like accelerated work environments, increasing stress and an insufficient work-life balance are mainly responsible for sleep deficits. That's why many of our partner hotels especially focus on a healthy sleeping environment for their guests.
In the hotel 'Parkhotel am Soier See', located in Upper Bavaria, guests can evaluate their sleeping behaviour in their room with the help of a technical device. Here, the automated sleep stage analysation device analyses the depth of sleep and gives conclusions about the sleep quality and possible sleep disturbances.

The sleeping ambience is important for good sleep

For the hotel 'Freund - Das Hotel und Spa Resort', the graduate engineer Tanja Steden designed a hotel room concept, which focuses on nature. High window facades, which give incredible views about the neighbouring fields, forests and the nature park 'Kellerwald'. Besides that, you won't find any wallpapers or tiles in order to let the room 'breath'. To give guests maximum scope, the walls between living- and sleeping area are movable. 

Coming to rest at home

Enjoying nature after a hectic day helps to calm down and to relax. Activities like these have a soporific effect. But also eating and drinking habits have an impact on our night sleep. Too much alcohol, spicy or sour food can have negative effects and can lead to a restless night. Last but not least the right mattress also plays a key role when it comes to sleep. By the way, many wellness hotels offer so-called 'pillow menu' like the hotel 'Jammertal Golf & Spa-Resort', where guests can choose between various beddings. Over night, the electric circuit in the hotel room is even turned off.

Wellness Lexikon


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