Leap into Spring: Family Wellness in the Harz Mountains

Spring is the time of year when the entire family begins to feel the urge to peel off winter's layers, and to get outside to experience nature as it awakens anew - and perhaps a little adventure, too. Located in northern Germany's Harz mountains, the hotel Romantischer Winkel offers families the chance to embrace wellness in a stunning and health-promoting location. Regenerate your body and soul at this five-star hotel by taking part in a number of family wellness programmes, or by exploring the grounds with their beautiful gardens and sunny lakes. The outdoor heated swimming pool, known as the Laguna Spa, is open all year round, and the hotel lies within driving distance of ski slopes and invigorating mountain walks.

Family Wellness at the Romantischer Winkel

The focus on family wellness allows parents to participate with their children in both fitness programmes and adventure courses. Kid's wellness is also a big part of the experience. Children and teens who prefer to stay in the company of their peers are offered classes with the hotel's Kids and Teens Club, which allows them to mingle with new friends while their parents take advantange of the spa's couples' treatments. The club offers a safe environment for children, while also giving participants the opportunity to take part in numerous games and wellness activities, including swimming courses.

Excursions & Other Activities

The 600 meter high Ravensberg mountain towers over the scene and offers plenty of hiking adventures. Additionally, there plenty of local villages to visit, old mines to tour, and high rope courses are offered to those brave enough. In addition to wellness treatments, the spa also offers guests an exclusive shopping boutique, and a staff-run fashion show is put on every six weeks. This hotel spa is a fun and wonderful means of ensuring family wellness all year round.