Leisure time

Doing nothing rewards us with power and creativity!

‘Being lazy is wonderful!’ declares Astrid Lindgren’s character, Pippi Longstocking. Despite her eccentric and unconventional manner, there is a lot of truth in what she says. She doesn’t see taking time out as something to feel guilty about but something that should be grabbed with both hands and celebrated. Modern life has conditioned us to believe that being busy is a good thing and allowing ourselves the luxury of leisure time is something to feel guilty about it. As strange as it sounds, a lot of us have forgotten how to do nothing!
These precious moments of leisure time allow us to clear our minds and make space for new ideas and creativity.

Slow down, pause and breathe

Our daily life is very hectic – everything needs to be done quickly and, ideally, all at the same time. That’s all well and good if we manage to find the right balance. Unfortunately, it’s quite rare that we manage to stop chasing our tails! From the second we wake up until the moment our head hits the pillow, there is always something that needs to be done. We can only dream about how good it would be just to do nothing. Even planning a weekend away or a holiday has its own stresses. Simply deciding where to go and arranging dates drives up our expectations! If we haven’t filled every moment up with activities or visits, we feel we are wasting time!
Nevertheless, more and more of us realise that continuing this way isn’t a long term solution. The mind, body and soul need some time out. Having days when we can do just what we feel like doing is good for us! It could be just a few minutes of mindfulness, enjoying a slow food dinner or consciously watching the world go by. What’s amazing is that all these little things can create big miracles!

Be brave - enjoy some me time!

Those of us who struggle to fit leisure time into our daily lives will find plenty of support and inspiration in many of the Wellness-Hotels & Resorts. Spa breaks with Mindfulness walks, meditation or a progressive muscle relaxation (developed by the physician Edmund Jacobson), all help to calm the mind and relax the body.
Some spa hotels offer a range of packages for spa breaks with leisure in mind. At the Hubertus Alpin Lodge & Spa hotel, guests can book the 'Nix tun' package, which means to do nothing. A four day spa break offers guests the freedom to just go with the flow without having to make appointments or be obligated to do anything at all. A 'FreiGeis' massage (meaning free spirit) is a wonderful way to relax or there are options for yoga, a body scan relaxation or a sun salutation as well as enjoying the wellness hotel’s recreation areas to recharge the batteries. Why not swap your mobile for a spa break in the Alps and try a piece of regional cheese? Slow movement is guaranteed!
For the budding artists amongst us, discover the ‘fantasy trips’ at Menschels Vitalresort. For four days you will experience relaxation in the free creative painting and drawing sessions. The course is run by the artist Rolf Jahn, who works with the unconscious mind to create images on canvas.
The Ambassador Hotel & Spa on the North Sea coast, in St. Peter Ording, also helps its guests to rediscover leisure. The wellness hotel is convinced that the North Sea is the perfect location for spa breaks with this purpose. Having a lie-in, breathing in the clear, fresh air and taking in the horizon across the sea create the ideal atmosphere to relax. So just switch off your mobile, go with the flow and bring leisure back into your daily life – either as a short break or a more extended holiday.

Wellness Glossary

Progressive muscle relaxation after Jacobson

The progressive muscle relaxation after Jacobson (PMR) is a technique to release muscle tension. T

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Mindfulness means living in the moment and perceiving impressions with all senses without valuating them.

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Breathing therapy

Specific breathing exercises also heighten sensitivity. Breathing movements are experienced consciously and deeper muscles are trained to relax ...

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