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Austria is perfectly suited to the holidaymaker who prizes variety above all. Surrounded by a multitude of relaxing spa hotels, nature parks, glaciers, natural wonders, as well as vast shopping promenades and dance festivals, no visitor to Austria fails to get their money’s worth. With so many activities on offer, however, one’s well-being can easily be put in second place – enter the spa hotel. Offering guests a variety of spa treatments and facilities, from massage to “wellness oases”, and other recreational activities, the Austrian spa hotel is an idyllic sanctuary of health and wellness in which the holidaymaker can allow both body and mind to unwind.

Guaranteed Relaxation in Austrian Wellness Hotels

Spa hotels in Austria are not only family-friendly, but offer also particular childcare facilities for children while their parents allow themselves to be pampered in the spa area, without having to worry about keeping the kids entertained. Nor do the elderly miss out, with specific packages, facilities and treatments tailored to their needs: steam baths, saunas, and whirlpools allow all to take some well-deserved time-out. Newlyweds and those seeking a romantic getaway are also spoiled for choice with a wellness weekend away in any one of the luxurious spa hotels to be found in the heart of Austria.

Relaxation Writ Large

For the comfort and wellbeing of their guests, many Austria spa hotels have separate recreational areas for men and women, where one can enjoy the many different facilities and treatments undisturbed. Here, women are offered traditional massages plus therapies – like those with chocolate and Ayurveda essential oils – with a decidedly modern twist. Available are also a variety of healing physiotherapeutic treatments such as a shiatsu and trigger-point massage. Not to be forgotten are also the special beauty packages on offer, from detox to anti-stress. Importantly, there are also equivalent packages on offer for men, who should not feel too neglected with a host of massage, peeling, and spa treatments. Testament to the excellent quality of service and up-to-date facilities of Austria spa hotels is the recurring stream of faithful visitors who yearly flock from home and further afield to these exuberate oases of wellbeing. 

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