Romantic Spa Breaks at the German North Sea: Discover Rugged Coasts and Inner Calm

Horse-drawn carriages, pastel-painted wicker chairs strewn lazily on gloriously wide unspoilt beaches, and lonesome lighthouses flanked by rugged, grassy dunes are some of the many romantic images associated with Germany's North Sea coast, and its East Frisian islands. Step onto Norderney or Juist, and you will discover that the islands have stayed very much faithful to these depictions - with little to no motor vehicles (they are prohibited on some islands, including Juist), the old-world Frisian flair of yesteryear and unpolluted sea air still prevail, providing the perfect conditions for a romantic spa break at the German North Sea.

A Romantic Spa Break at the German North Sea: Spa Hotels

Those on a romantic spa break at the German North Sea are spoiled for choice when it comes to spa hotels. On Norderney, the tenth largest of Germany's islands, you will find the exclusive Spa and Resorthotel Georgshöhe, where together you and your loved one can pamper yourselves with many luxurious treatments and spa facilities including a hamam, whirlpools, steam room, and saunas with a sea view. On Juist island can be found the aptly named Romantik & Wellness Hotel Achterdiek, a traditionally-styled spa hotel which boasts a direct view on to the Wadden Sea, and welcomes its guests with a plush lounge area replete with crackling open fire. The wellness experts at Achterdiek place emphasis on treatments that harness the regenerative power of the sea, using raw materials such as seaweed-oil, algae, and coralline. Guests who don't like the idea of straying far from the Hanseatic hubbub of Hamburg should alternatively consider Ambassador Hotel and Spa on the North Sea coast, which offers all the luxury of an island spa hotel, without the extra travel. Whether on the coast or awash on a Frisian island, a romantic spa break at the German North Sea is well worth the wait.