Wellness holidays at the German Baltic Sea

Wellness vacations on the Baltic Sea coast equate to relaxation. Doesn't matter during which season, one can always enjoy a nice getaway. Whether you are alone, with your partner or family: The Baltic Sea lets you forget your everyday life for a little while.

Escape to the German Baltic Sea

From Flensburg in Schleswig Holstein to Ueckermünde close to the polish border: That's where you find the Baltic Sea in Germany. The regions located along the coast of the Baltic Sea are diverse in nature and offer many recreation opportunities. Long sandy beaches, dune landscapes and cliffs make the landscape so special. But not only the nature impresses here, also the architecture: Old lighthouses and clinker architecture create a historical and cosy atmosphere. Gourmets will for sure enjoy themselves: Tasty and fresh fish straight from the Baltic Sea served with regional side dishes will make your stay perfect.

Wellness time-outs in the city: Kiel, Bad Segeberg and Warnemünde

The harbour city Kiel is one of the bigger cities in Germany. Here flows the Kiel-canal, which connects the North Sea with the Baltic Sea. Especially known for the 'Kieler Woche', which is a must sports event for top sailors from around the world, the city offers beautiful public bathing beaches.
A bit further away from the coast one can find Bad Segeberg, also a really nice city. Here, you discover various sights like for example the 'Kalkberg’, a mountain of 91m height or the 'Segeberger See', a beautiful lake just perfect for swimming or even sailing. The dune landscape 'Segeberger Heide' serves as the perfect location for hikes. Located right between Kiel, Hamburg and Lübeck Bad Segeburg is the perfect starting point for daytrips to other cities. Also, it is not far away at all from the Baltic Sea and holiday destinations like Timmendorfer Strand or Travemünde.
Next to small idyllic villages like Schleswig an der Spei, Gothmund and Altwarp, popular holiday destinations are 'Seebad Warnemünde' and 'Rostock'. Here, you can perfectly combine exploring pure nature with fun activities. What about visiting the old lighthouse of the city for example? The view is definitely worth it!

Wellness trips to German islands on the Baltic Sea

The Baltic Sea offers many beautiful islands, which are easy accessible by boat. From west to east those are:
All of those islands have their own charm. 

Vacations on the island Fehrmann

Located in the west, one can find the island Fehrmann, the third biggest island of Germany. Very diverse in nature, the northern coast of the island is marked by dune landscapes and the eastside is characterized by cliff coasts. A highlight here is the former lighthouse, which is open these days for tourists. Many steep stairs here have to be climbed, but the view from the top of the lighthouse is definitely worth it as you cannot only oversee the beautiful maritime landscape but also have the opportunity to observe rare bid breeds.

Vacations on Rügen island

Rügen is the biggest island of Germany and located at the coast of the federal state Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. You can easily access the island from the city Stralsund. Known for its chalk cliffs and the national park 'Jasmund', the city is marked by bays and lagoons. Due to the chalk cliffs, since 2011, the island these days even counts as world natural heritage. Binz, one of the most popular cities on Rügen, is a vivid city with nice architecture. Here, the Störtebeker festival takes place, which tells about the adventures of the pirate Klaus Störtebecker. For all those who want to enjoy the silence: In the south-eastern part one can enjoy the beautiful sea while taking a walk on long, empty and sandy beaches.

Vacations on Usedom island

The major part of the beautiful island is on German territory, while the other part of Usedom belongs to Poland. Seebad Heringsdorf, which is also known as Nice of Germany, is a beautiful city, outfitted with numerous villas and beautiful beaches. Did you know? Nowhere else the sun shines as often as on Usedom in Germany. Every year the island hosts an exhibition about sand arts. On a 4000qm area, 50 international artists transform the available sand into incredible sculptures.

Combining relaxation with enjoyable activities: Wellness at the German Baltic Sea

Wellness vacations at the Baltic Sea can be arranged according to all kinds of individual preferences. Whether you want to enjoy outside activities, discover new sports, or just relax at the beach: Here, everything is possible. Especially sports lovers will find their true paradise at the Baltic Sea: From sailing to surfing to water skiing. But also for those who prefer mainland, there is much to explore: Hiking- and biking tours are the perfect opportunity to discover the region's beautiful nature.

Diverse nature in the region of the Baltic Sea

Taking a walk at the Baltic Sea is already pure wellness itself. Due to its mild bracing climate the air does really good to our health. Native beaches, hidden bays and dune landscapes paint a beautiful landscape, which lets you forget that everyday life even exists. Numerous nature parks are here a safe home to animals and invite to hiking tours.

Wellness based on the power of the Sea

Located at the Baltic Sea, there are more than 60 spa towns these days, as the Baltic Sea possesses many natural treasures. Thalassotherapy for example is based on the natural ingredients of the sea and is beneficial for body and soul. The therapy is mainly focussing on the salt and algae of the sea. The overall aim of every Thalassotherapy is to strengthen the health. By the way, the most native form of every Thalassotherapy is bathing in the sea, which for most of us already belong to every vacation. The most valuable ingredients of the sea are then used in spa treatments. Another wellness treatment is based on moor. Moor also has various effects: It has a slagging and relaxing effect and even can help to strengthen the immune system.
The Baltic Sea is always worth a visit and impresses with its beautiful nature. Wellness lovers here find the perfect opportunity to enjoy the sea while experiencing impactful treatments.