Summer Spas: Nordic Walking in the Black Forest

Sometimes the pressures and excesses of daily life can leave us all in need of serious rejuvenation. With its stunning vistas and fresh alpine air, the picturesque village of Höchenschwand in the south of the Black Forest offers visitors the perfect setting for a purifying retreat.

Active Holidays: Black Forest Nordic Walking

Known among locals as the "the village at heaven's door", Höchenschwand is located on a plateau at an altitude 1050 meters above sea level, and benefits from stunning views of the Alps and surrounding countryside. This elevated location makes the village a perfect base for visitors seeking to take advantage of the ample Nordic walking opportunities in the Black Forest region. In addition to Nordic walking, visitors will find an abundance of outdoor activities to promote both physical and mental wellbeing. The summer months also offer visitors the chance to enjoy the region's cycling and hiking trails, while nature lovers will be captivated by the region's rich and diverse flora and fauna.

Relax and Rejuvenate

At the end of a day's activity, Bio and Wellnesshotel Alpenblick, located in the village, offers guests complementary access to its luxurious in-house spa facilities and a comprehensive wellness programme. The wide variety of treatments available draw on the natural rejuvenating properties of mineral salts, and with the hotel's restaurant offering a number of specially tailored dietary plans to assist with the detox process, guests can be assured of total relaxation and recuperation. If guests feel the need for a change of pace, the Swiss and French borders and the city of Strasbourg are all within easy travelling distance, so opportunities for excursions are plentiful. For a relaxing and rejuvenating break, a Black Forest Nordic walking experience will help guests to achieve a complete detox of mind and body, all while taking in some of Europe's most breathtaking scenery.