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Wellness in Brandenburg | Germany

Many tourists who want to escape the noise and the hectic of the big city appreciate the offers of our wellness hotels in Brandenburg.

Relaxing wellness offers in Brandenburg

From aroma oil massages to yoga: In Brandenburg you find everything you wish for when it comes to wellness treatments.

Experiencing nature and waters in Brandenburg

Brandenburg impresses with its native nature and numerous lakes and rivers, which are perfect for every kind of water sports. Whether you want to go sailing or just relax at the waterside and enjoy the sun - it's up to you.
Especially the region of the 'Lausitzer Seenland' in Brandenburg is a true paradise for all sports lovers. More than 20 artificial lakes, which are partly connected by canals, offer the possibility for various kinds of water sports. Surfing, diving, sailing or cruising on a motorboat are only few out of many opportunities. Or what about visiting one of the many available sandy beaches and splash around with your loved ones? Guaranteed fun for the whole family.

Relaxing in Brandenburg

Besides water landscapes Brandenburg has much more to offer: Strolling around the idyllic villages or doing cycle tours in the beautiful nature of Brandenburg are perfect leisure time activities with the right relaxation factor. In the evening you can return to a wellness hotel of your choice and enjoy well-deserved massages and beauty treatments.

Cultural highlights and a touch of Hollywood

But not only the beautiful nature of Brandenburg attracts wellness guests, but also various cultural highlights. Museums, castles and monasteries are waiting for you!
In Babelsberg, the oldest film studio of the world, one can explore real Hollywood atmosphere. Back in the 20s and 30s films like 'Metropolis' and 'The blue angel' were implemented here. But also film productions of the 21st century like ' Inglourious Basterds' were filmed here, so the studios are definitely worth a visit.