Wellness in the black forest - rural and cultural idyll

Hiking is the perfect opportunity to explore the beautiful landscape of the black forest. What about for example visiting the deepest canyon of Germany here? For sure an unforgettable experience! Not only hiking but also biking and golfing are great to discover the beautiful and impressive nature. 

Cultural diversity in the black forest

The black forest area has a lot to offer. Places to definitely visit are Freiburg and Baden-Baden.
Freiburg has a beautiful old town, which lets you easily explore the history of the city. A nice legend here says that whenever you accidently step into one of the various streams, which you find throughout the whole town, you have to marry someone from Freiburg. Next to the old town, the church of Freiburg, which was built around the 12th century is a fascinating masterpiece.
Baden-Baden, known as spa town, is also the host of a yearly festival, which includes dance performances, opera and ballet. Besides that, extensive green areas and thermal springs guarantee pure relaxation.

Culinary pleasure in the black forest

During your wellness holidays in the black forest, besides relaxing in the spa area, good food is another important component of any vacation. The black forest offers a gourmet kitchen, influenced not only by different regions of Germany but also by France. Tourists definitely need to try 'Käsespätzle', 'Maultaschen', and of course the world famous black forest cake!
While dining delicious food, one must not forget a suitable wine out of the black forest area. Here, wine tastings offer the perfect opportunity to familiarize and to discover the great quality.

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