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Medical Wellness: Health in a wellness hotel

What is Medical Wellness?

"Wellness is health that's fun." In this sense, all wellness hotels & resorts combine enjoyable wellness holidays with offers that support and promote a healthy lifestyle. Some wellness hotels also place a special emphasis on the topic of health. This is also referred to as a medical wellness hotel. Here, wellness and medical knowledge are combined in the context of a health spa holiday. Doctors and therapists ensure a special health competence during the stay in the health resort. Guests at the Medial Wellnesshotel can take advantage of preventive offers as well as medical support in case of complaints or cures on specific topics.
Medical Wellness Hotels Germany
Those interested in medical wellness can best enjoy it during a health holiday in a wellness hotel in Germany. Some wellness hotels place special emphasis on the topic of medial wellness. Here, taking time out is not only for relaxation, but above all to improve your health. Health holidays ensure a sustainable improvement in well-being and optimise one's own lifestyle in order to maintain a high level of quality of life. In doing so, the wellness hotels partly resort to traditional healing concepts, use valuable natural products and combine them with new medical knowledge.
What are the Medical Wellness offers?
For example, if you book the "Medical Wellness all inclusive" offer at Schüle's Gesundheitsresort & Spa, you will receive an all-round carefree programme that includes not only overnight stays and meals but also extensive health services. The exact nature of these services will be determined individually for each guest during an initial medical consultation. In the Kneipp health resort, these can be Kneipp's treatments as well as baths, massages and physiotherapy.
Other offers are aimed at special complaints or seasonal challenges. For example, the autumn special "Immun-Fit" at Menschel's Vital Resort before winter aims to strengthen the immune system for the cold season. Here too, a medical introductory and final consultation during the health holiday ensures that the medical treatments are tailored to the guest. In addition, there are, among other things, immune-strengthening infusions, clay baths or packs and massages during the wellness holiday.
The Bad Clevers Gesundheitsresort & Spa is also very popular with guests who wish to do something for their health during their wellness holiday. Many book one or more health weeks here to do something good for body, mind and soul and get new motivation for a healthy lifestyle in everyday life. The focus is not only on the medical consultations, treatments and programmes in the wellness hotel, but also on getting impulses for a healthy lifestyle that can be easily integrated into daily life.
"thermal med" is the name of the health concept at Mühlbach Thermal Spa & Romantik Hotel. So it is not surprising that daily bathing in the hotel's healing thermal water is an important part of the concept. In addition, a customised treatment plan is also determined here in a consultation with the doctor of the health resort. This can, for example, focus on "pain-free", an assessment and optimisation of the vitality condition or the dissolution of stress.
Many other wellness hotels & resorts also deal intensively with health issues. For example, at the Jammertal Golf & Spa Resort, the team of masseurs and beauticians is complemented by ecotrophologists, alternative practitioners, physiotherapists and naturopaths. Health consultation takes place here just as much in the context of traditional Chinese medicine as, for example, BIA measurements, classical nutritional advice or pain therapy.
Health treatments are also offered at Hubertus Alpin Lodge & Spa. Various therapists and health coaches work together with the guests in the wellness hotel to deal with issues such as back pain, headaches, fatigue and stress and often find solutions for a more relaxed life.

Are medical wellness treatments supported by health insurance?

Some medical wellness trips are supported by the health insurance company. Support can then be applied for, for instance, as an ambulant preventive service or as a curative treatment. The attending physician fills out the corresponding form and ideally gives a recommendation for a health resort.


What are the benefits of Medical Wellness? What is the goal?

The goal of Medical Wellness treatments is to do something for your own health. During a health holiday in a wellness hotel, the focus is on your own well-being. Body, mind and soul should always be considered holistically. Based on the lifestyle of wellness, which comprises the four pillars of relaxation, exercise, nutrition and social well-being, health tourists get to know the possibilities of making their everyday life as healthy as possible for themselves. For this purpose, therapists are available in the various areas of the wellness holiday to help guests find the ideal health precaution for them. With the help of the therapists, wellness holidaymakers can get to know individual approaches to the integration of relaxation phases or possibilities to include movement in their everyday life.
As already mentioned at the beginning, wellness is a lifestyle. It is a way to a healthy and happy life.

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