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Wellness vacations

in Germany allows you to combine different wishes for your holiday ...

in a way that is both pleasant and sustainable: Discover one of the most beautiful vacation areas in Europe, spend time on excursions and sightseeing among cultural and scenic highlights, and develop healthy habits along the way.

No matter whether you prefer toning your physical, mental or psychological health,

going on a health and wellness vacation in Germany offers ideal conditions: Healing baths and spas have a long tradition which has seen the development of many highly effective therapies. One of them is the Felke-Kur, named after a natural health practitioner from Bad Sobernheim, which treats patients with water, light, air and clay to restore their balance in a natural and long lasting way. Our spa resort Menschel's Vitalresort specialise in this natural spa therapy. And is even located at exactly the same spot where Felke first started practising in 1907.

Thalasso therapy, which already enjoyed a large popularity in Europe in the 19th century,

is practised especially in those spa resorts of our hotel cooperation which lie along the German coasts of the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. Apart from its medical properties, this type of spa treatment with sea water also improves your beauty by toning and smoothing your skin. Our spa resort Hotel Neptun at the Baltic Sea, for example, is an expert in thalassotherapy and offers both individual services and wellness education.

Apart from being oriented towards a healthy lifestyle,

health and wellness vacations in Germany also emphasise professionally administered spa services, fitness and wellness components, and spa cuisine. Most of our spa resorts offer personal training, nutrition counseling, and stress management, and all resorts offer a larger than usual wellness area with saunas, pools and treatment rooms. Stress management also includes offers for body and mind like guided hiking through peaceful nature, yoga and relaxing massage.
Closeness to nature and natural resources is of primary importance to our spa resorts. There is a clear focus on sustainability – not only with regard to spa packages, but also energy consumption and cooking: Environmentally friendly building, renewable energy and using regional, natural products in preparing food are among the priorities set by each of our spa resorts. A stance of ecological responsibility which ultimately benefits wellness guests, too: Guests are able to relax and enjoy their health and wellness vacation, relying upon their chosen spa resort to prove a responsible host.

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