Where the sea meets the sky: Wellness-vacation in northern Germany

Whether you take the North or the Baltic Sea, the islands or the coast, Germany’s coastline is a landscape of exceptional beauty, fascinating most people no matter what they’re up to. Some may be searching for a retreat: the silence and solitude of endless sand completed by the sound of waves coming and going. Some may favor the sporting activities provided by the coastal area.

And others may enjoy the culinary delights of seafood,

served daily in our hotels and resorts. Yet, everyone benefits from the healing power of saltwater that feeds the spirit and body. As a result, Spa- and Wellness-Hotels in northern Germany are experts in treatment methods originating from seawater, such as Thalassic Therapy.
The North Sea and gentler Baltic Sea are renowned vacation spots. Dreamy and charming Art Nouveaux mansions as well as astonishing hotel buildings prove the region’s importance in tourism both now and in the past.

Many cities like Lübeck, Kiel, and Rostock

are sought-after destinations for a short trip. Countless islands such as Juist, Norderney, Usedom, and the peninsula Darss oblige bathers and sun worshippers alike with many hours of mild temperatures, fun and relaxation. Here, you’ll also find most of our hotels and resorts.

Wellness and Spa-breaks in the north and coastal area of Germany