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Active Camps: Special Seminars in Wellness hotels

For the first time this year, the cooperation Wellness Hotels is offering Active Camps: This is the right place for a person who would like to use his wellness holiday to get a whole lot closer to his goals. After all, challenges succeed much more when they are rewarded with relaxation in the spa.


Whatever you are interested in: Running, Nordic Walking, Yoga, Pilates, Fit for Baby or Life coaching, you will find the right seminar in pitoresque nature and with the very special service of a carefully selected wellness hotel.


All active camps start with a fundamental analysis of your present situation. Then you will define your personal goals together with our experts. Enjoy the pleasure to get closer to your goals together with like-minded people. At the end of each seminar, you’ll get a personal recommendation to reach your goals in line with your habits at home.


Current Seminars



We will offer seminar on even more topics soon.

Glossary Wellness


The term osteopathy was created from the Greek words osteon, meaning bone and pathos, meaning disease, literally translated as bone disease ...

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