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Meaningful life

Wellness-Hotels & Resorts motivate for holistic wellness time-outs for all senses

In a world full of sensory overload, you are more than ever confronted with the challenge not to let your senses atrophy, but to actively revive them and make them full of meaning.

"Wellness" is much more than just pampering with a face mask or massage. It stands for a holistic lifestyle, which includes the four aspects exercise, nutrition, relaxation and social and emotional support. In a modern wellness industry, it is important to create experiences for each of these aspects and our senses. 

Holistic wellness experiences are only possible with all senses

Hearing, touching, smelling, tasting and seeing - the senses accompany people all day long. In many everyday situations, one is exposed to a flood of stimuli that the senses can hardly process. Added to this are hectic and deadline pressure at work or at least just as stressful serious private and family problems. All this leads to stress. Especially young people up to 39 feel this. 40% of this generation wish for stress reduction and use the wellness holiday specifically for this purpose1. The members of the cooperation offer a multifaceted portfolio. "In the well-positioned concepts of the wellness hotels, the individual mix of the four aspects of wellness as well as meaningful experiences play a central role: Only by taking a holistic view does wellness lead to a long-term positive attitude towards life", explains Michael Altewischer, CEO of Wellness-Hotels & Resorts. No sense can be considered and treated alone, isolated from the others. It applies to create culinary just like optical and auditive just like palpable and smelling experiences for guests, whose senses gradually atrophy.

A cry for help after deceleration

Relaxation is currently the most relevant aspects of wellness. Proportionally to the stimulus satiation, the desire for rest phases and simple relaxation grows. Topics such as digital detox, experiences in nature, completely without electronic or urban background noise, and targeted coaching for deceleration will gain in importance in the future. Already today, the vast majority of wellness enthusiasts want time outs without mobile devices and the simple relaxation room without disturbing background noise is becoming a must. In addition, classic spa treatments such as relaxation massages, but also topics such as meditation and mindfulness exercises are an important part of the wellness guest's well-being. However, the other aspects must not be ignored either, because only a balanced lifestyle consisting of relaxation, but also of a healthy diet, enough exercise and cultivated social contacts can lead to a holistic wellness experience. For this reason, it is becoming more and more important to record guest wishes extremely precisely in the hotels in order to determine a comprehensive offer with appropriate weighting for each individual guest.

In contrast to what some people think, there is much more to Wellness than just having a sauna and relaxation massages. It stands for the attentive and meaningful treatment of body, mind and soul and for a holistic concept of life, consisting of the elements exercise, nutrition, relaxation and social emotional support. At this point, the cooperation Wellness-Hotels & Resorts is a pioneer for different concepts and focal points for the wellness lifestyle. The guiding principle "Wellness is health that is fun" is always in focus.


1The study "Wellness Trends 2019" conducted by the Wellness Hotels & Resorts together with beauty24

The cooperation Wellness-Hotels & Resorts (WH-R) is the first address for wellness experiences and has been at the top of the German-speaking wellness hotel industry since 1997. Meanwhile, in addition to the first pioneers, carefully selected, mostly owner-managed German wellness hotels as well as international partners in the 4 and 5-star range belong to it. The cooperation also acts as a pioneer in the field of positioning in the wellness hotel industry and can already count top-positioned hotels, for example in the areas of Thalasso, Ayurveda or Medical and Mental Wellness, among its members. Independent TÜV experts test the hotels under the aspects of spaciousness, innovation and sustainability of the SPA area, among others. A comprehensive catalogue of wellness hotels & resorts can be ordered online at can be ordered online at and by phone at +49 (0)211 679 69 69.

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