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Cycling & Wellness in Germany

For most people cycling is a part of their everyday life as without big effort it is easy to integrate and serves as a perfect program to stay fit and healthy. For some of us biking is even a lifestyle, where people consciously decide not to take a car but rather bike to do good for our environment. Besides that, it is proven that biking is good for your mood and helps you even to relax. Therefore, it's wellness for body and soul.

Biking and health

Biking is a great opportunity for people of every age to stay fit and healthy. The biggest advantage of biking is that it relieves the joints and is therefore also suitable for people who are overweight and want to start becoming fitter. 
Biking and wellness go hand in hand because it is health supporting in so many ways:
  • Outside activities are very good for your immune system
  • Activation of the cardiovascular system
  • Reduction of cholesterol
  • Improvement of lungs capacity
  • Training for back-, neck-, buttocks- and leg muscles
Of course it is always advisable to use a helmet when riding a bike in order to prevent injuries!

Biking in wellness hotels

Doesn't matter, whether you enjoy your timeout at the coast or in the mountains, in almost every wellness hotel you can borrow all kinds of bikes such as e-bikes or mountain bikes. Many hotels even have special proposals for their guests where they offer guided tours, laundry services for sports wear and an own repair shop for bikes. 
After an exhausting bike tour you deserve a break in the spa area. While enjoying a massage or visiting the sauna you can reflect on the day and your achievements and you can mentally already prepare for the next tour.