Relaxing in the wellness area on a comfortable lounger, listening to music and get pampered with a massage: Sounds like heaven, right? A wellness massage really indulges all senses. Calming or activating, relaxing or stimulating: There are many more massages than wellness massages and they all have different positive and healing effects on our bodies.

Massage techniques

Massages are the most popular wellness treatments amongst guests in wellness hotels. That's no surprise considering the fact that due to various kinds and techniques everyone finds something they like or maybe even need. The general definition of massage is: ‘The rubbing and kneading of muscles and joints of the body with the hands or with other tools, especially to relieve tension or pain’. Those tools can be oils, herbs, stones but also balls and brushes. While others enjoy a pleasant wellness massage from time to time for others massages are a necessity. The most common massage types are: 
  • Wellness massage: Here, the well-being of the guest has priority. Soft touches, warm hands and tools guarantee pure relaxation. The massage focuses on the needs of the guest, which are often vacation from everyday life and stress reduction.
  • Sports massage: Those massages are for sportspeople who need to deliver physical performance. The aim here is either to prepare the body for challenges ahead or relaxing the muscles after a sports event. 
  • Medical massage: Patients receive medical massages when they need to recover from an injury. Often, they are prescribed by a doctor. Dissolving blockades or setting the vortex are for example reasons for a sports massage. Usually, patients don't really enjoy those massages but rather the effect they have.

Classic massages

Ayurvedic massages 

Tradtional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Massages with stones, herbs and oils

  • Aroma whole body massage
  • Herbal stamp massage
  • Slow stroke massage
  • honey massage
  • Hot stone massage

Massages with balls and brushes

  • Blackroll
  • Rolfing
  • Brush-massage

Further massage techniques

Wellness Lexikon

Aqua massage bed

Aqua massage improves blood circulation to the skin, muscles and organs. 

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Herbal-stamp massage

In many far-eastern cultures the herbal-stamp massage is an integral part of traditional healing methods.

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