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My wellness time (6 days)

Six days of wellness time, so a real time-out for you. You will be surprised what this week does for you: Your mind is clear and fresh, your body is strong and for once you may even have no thoughts of the one or ones you left at home ...... Diary ...... of course!

  • 5 nights including breakfast buffet

Please still discuss your catering requirements when making your reservation. Depending on the hotel, the times as well as the type of offers may vary slightly. Please book your desired dates for treatments in a timely manner.

Package Includes

  • 1 Swedish massage
  • 1 beauty or health bath
  • free use of spa and sauna area
  • optional participation in the hotel's sport and activity program
  • Bathrobe for the duration of your stay

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Bad Clevers Gesundheitsresort & Spa


Wellness Hotel Bavaria
Bavaria | Allgäu | Bad Grönenbach

5 Nights, from 495.00 EUR

Jammertal Golf & Spa-Resort ****S

S  91%

in the heart of Germany
North Rhine-Westphalia | Muensterland | Datteln-Ahsen

5 Nights, from 669.00 EUR

Der Eisvogel - Hotel & Spa ****

S  92%

Wellness Hotel Bavaria
Bavaria | Lower Bavaria | Bad Gögging

5 Nights, from 570.00 EUR

Hotel Birke ****S

S  89%

Wellness at the Baltic Sea
Schleswig-Holstein | Baltic Sea | Kiel Fjord

5 Nights, from 598.00 EUR

Hotel Heinz ****S

S  90%

in southwest Germany
Rhineland-Palatinate | Westerwald | Höhr-Grenzhausen

5 Nights, from 509.00 EUR