Relaxing massage during wellness time out - Wellness Hotels & Resorts
Relaxing massage during wellness time out - Wellness Hotels & Resorts

My wellness time (3 days)

Refreshingly sensual wellness experiences for body, mind and soul. Three days of wellness holidays where you can recharge your batteries and recover sustainably. Book now!

  • 2 nights including breakfast buffet

* The times and types of offers may vary slightly from hotel to hotel.

Please discuss your restaurant / meal wishes with your hotel reservation as well as additional wellness treatments! The prices quoted by the hotels may vary seasonally.

Package Includes

  • 1 Swedish massage
  • free use of spa and sauna area
  • optional participation in the hotel's sport and activity program
  • Bathrobe for the duration of your stay

This offer is brought to you by the following hotels

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Romantischer Winkel - RoLigio & Wellness Resort *****


In the heart of Germany
Lower Saxony | Harz | Bad Sachsa

2 Nights, from 328.00 EUR

Molitors Mühle - Hotel & Spa ****


in southwest Germany
Rhineland-Palatinate | Eifel | Eisenschmitt

2 Nights, from 414.00 EUR

Hotel Birke ****S

S  89%

Wellness at the Baltic Sea
Schleswig-Holstein | Baltic Sea | Kiel Fjord

2 Nights, from 269.00 EUR

Bad Clevers Gesundheitsresort & Spa


Wellness Hotel Bavaria
Bavaria | Allgäu | Bad Grönenbach

2 Nights, from 252.00 EUR

Der Eisvogel - Hotel & Spa ****

S  92%

Wellness Hotel Bavaria
Bavaria | Lower Bavaria | Bad Gögging

2 Nights, from 285.00 EUR