Wellness holidays and wellness short breaks in the most beautiful regions of Germany and beyond…

Wellness holidays – this means finding peace, regaining your inner balance and rediscovering yourself with all your senses. Wellness holidays and wellness short breaks, however, can also mean lacing your hiking boots and familiarising yourself with the mountains in their natural stillness, cycling through the bizarre landscape of dunes along the North Sea on an exciting tour, and then enjoying a refreshing spa. And of course, part of every holistic wellness experience is also consciously enjoying and tasting high quality regional culinary dishes:

Bavarian pretzels, Black Forest cake – also known as Black Forest gateau

for it's creamy richness – hundreds of varieties of bread, like Pumpernickel and bread rolls, German Sauerbraten from Cologne and, during your spa weekend in early summer, delicious Spargel, the famous German asparagus. And did you ever taste the fragrant meadow herbs in a mountain cheese from the Allgäu?
Another treat for body and soul are the inspiring massages and cleansing rituals whisking us away to their countries of origin in the Orient, Africa or Asia.

Regions in the immediate vicinity of the spa resorts,

however, often also have a never guessed at bounty of natural treasures to offer: A mud bath in the Bavarian Alps, the healing powers of pure sea water in the Original-Thalasso-Zentrum at the Baltic Sea, or a clay pack during a Felke-Kur at the Nahe.
As diverse and rich in experiences as your wellness holidays themselves, so diverse and exciting are the regions in which the fifty wellness hotels belonging to our hotel cooperation lie – from the North Sea and the Baltic to Mecklenburg Western-Pommerania, the Münsterland, the Allgäu, the Black Forest and Bavaria and further into the imposing mountain range of the Alps and neighbouring countries like the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland and Southern Tyrol. Discover the former Democratic Republic as well as the royal Bavarian castles including Neuschwanstein, the Cologne cathedral, the romantic valley of the Rhine, or the capital city of Berlin.

Nature parks with a unique landscape like the Wadden Sea,

which his home to a vast variety of species, or the Mecklenburg Lakeland, with its romantic mix of leafy woodland and vast meadows surrounding the lakes, are ideal day trip destinations, easily in reach from your luxury spa resort hotels. Central Germany, above all the Münsterland, has an excellent network of cycle paths. Mountain bikers will find perfect spots in the Alps, the Black Forest and in the Bavarian Forest. Whether hiking, cycling or skiing – all southern regions, like Bavaria, Allgäu or the Black Forest, offer lots of space for activities surrounded by nature, no matter what you prefer.

The changing seasons, too, give each region a unique face:

During a spa weekend in May, discover the Mecklenburg Lakeland in full bloom of the rapeseed. In the Allgäu, the first hay is harvested in the valleys and herbal meadows paint the mountains in fantastic hues of colour. And in the Alps, May announces the beginning of the snow-free season, allowing hikers to once again climb up to the highest peaks.
Wellness holidays in Germany's most beautiful areas is what our wellness hotels have to offer – individual, sensuous, sustainable.