Wellness dictionary

Little ABC for your spa-break questions ...

In their treatment discriptions, wellness hotels often use technical terms, which are hard to understand for potential guests. We have therefore collected and defined the most relevant terms in our small wellness ABC. A tip: Our wellness dictionary also supports word requests. You don't need to know the exact wording.

Magnetic Field Therapy

What is magnetic field therapy?

Magnet therapy uses natural or artifical magnets or magnetic field devices to act on the body from the outside with permanent or pulsating magnetic fields and to alleviate and heal complaints and diseases. Already the Egyptian priests used the 'cosmic' power of magnetic metal to treat illnesses. Hippocrates also describes healing with magnets.

Today's theory states that the magnetic field activates all body cells and causes oxygen accumulation in the tissue, which improves the cell metabolism. Bone formation should be stimulated, the hormone and immune system is stimulated, the nervous system is calm. Although there is largely no scientifiy evidence of these effects, a lot of people doing the treatment perceive positive effects.

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