Wellness dictionary

Little ABC for your spa-break questions ...

In their treatment discriptions, wellness hotels often use technical terms, which are hard to understand for potential guests. We have therefore collected and defined the most relevant terms in our small wellness ABC. A tip: Our wellness dictionary also supports word requests. You don't need to know the exact wording.

Garshan massage

The Garshan massage is an ayurvedic massage

and is usually carried out with wool, raw silk or terry towels. It is not made use of any kinds of oil or herbs during the massage. The kind of massage one receives depends on the constitution type of the guest and has a nourishing, activating effect. The top skin cells are removed during the massage. This causes a peeling effect and ensures soft skin. Blood circulation and metabolism are stimulated, the lymph flow is improved and fatigue is counteracted.

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Kerala Ayurveda at Wellnesshotel Seeschloesschen Senftenberg with Vaidya Upula Samarakoon

Samarakoon Mudiyanselage Upula Priyanka Rathanyaka Waidyathilaka

Vaidya Upula Samarakoon (born 1964) comes from Sri Lanka and is a traditionally trained Ayurveda specialist. In parallel to her five-year study of Ayurvedic medicine, she completed a two-year training in acupuncture.