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Ornish, Dr. Dean

Dean Ornish is a physician at several hospitals in San Francisco and a lecturer at the University of California, also head of the Institute for Preventive Medicine in Sausalito, CA, and was among others personal adviser to Bill Clinton.?Dr. Ornish has developed a program dealing with the healing the heart - under physical, emotional and spiritual aspects. It is the only science-based treatment program for heart disease that does not use cholesterol-lowering drugs or surgery. The only side effect is a change in lifestyle. Experienced is an increase in vitality and vigor, chest pain may  decline or disappear, medication may be reduced or completely discontinued. Cholesterol will drop - even without cholesterol tablets. You have no asceticism and no hardship to take upon, although associated with the diet program is a completely different way to eat. The goal of this program is helping not only to a longer life, although that will probably be the case, but also to enjoy this life.

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