Wellness lexicon

Zilgrei method - self-healing treatment to relieve pain in the spinal area

Zilgrei is a combination of breathing and posture therapy. This self-healing method was founded in the eighties by Adriana Zillo and the American chiropractor Dr. Greissing to treat back problems.

The focus is on self-awareness and to be conscious of what is out of balance, rather than a diagnosis. The combination of breathing and posture provides both physical and mental relaxation. When doing diaphragmatic breathing, the skeleton moves slightly while allowing for much deeper breathing. By practising particular movements and holding certain postures, muscles, joints and tendons are stimulated, aiming for a better posture. The painful area is not directly worked on, the emphasis is on an area on the opposite side (principle of the opposite side). The exercises are named after birds.

The focus of the Zilgrei method is to become pain free around the spinal area and to improve flexibility in the movements. 

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