Wellness lexicon

Fasciae - connective tissue to support muscles and organs

Fasciae are connective tissues that surround all muscles and organs. They connect and support them without being physically connected with each other. Fasciae consist of sensorial receptors for movement and pain, warmth and cold as well as muscle cells and collagen fibres. Fasciae are also described as sensory organs. Fasciae react to stress hormones and mechanical changes like small tears and micro traumas. This can lead to restrictions in movement or painful indurations e.g. on the fascia in the back. It is particularly painful if the fasciae harden or thicken to a stage where the nerves become constricted.
Exercise therapies and massage can help improve the elasticity of the fasciae. An established massage form is Rolfing. Hardening of the fasciae can also be eased by pulling, pressing and kneading. Additionally, stretching and light jumping exercises can help to keep the tissue supple. It is vital to keep moving and to be cautious of incorrect movement sequences to avoid hardening of the tissue.

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