Wellness dictionary

Little ABC for your spa-break questions ...

In their treatment discriptions, wellness hotels often use technical terms, which are hard to understand for potential guests. We have therefore collected and defined the most relevant terms in our small wellness ABC. A tip: Our wellness dictionary also supports word requests. You don't need to know the exact wording.


HydraFacial - What is the treatment procedure

HydraFacial is a four-step cosmetic treatment that aims to improve the health of the skin and treat skin problems. It is suitable for all skin types. The typical sequence of a treatment is regularly as follows:

Step 1: Skin removal

First, loose, dead skin cells of the upper skin layer are removed with a special treatment attachment similar to microdermabrasion.

2nd step: GlySal acid peeling

The GlySal acid peeling softens the deposits in the pores. This prepares the deep cleansing.

3. deep cleansing

In deep cleaning, impurities are extracted from the pores by a vacuum.

4. hydration

In the last step, antioxidants, minerals and hylauron are introduced into the skin layers with the aid of the "Vortex Fused Tip" device.

Effects of HydaFacial treatments

This method is suitable for sun-damaged or inflamed skin, lack of moisture or wrinkles. The HydraFacial applications have a wide range of effects, including the following: 

  • a stronger elasticity of the skin
  • radiant complexion
  • a more even skin structure
  • the reduction of signs of aging of the skin

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