Wellness dictionary

Little ABC for your spa-break questions ...

In their treatment discriptions, wellness hotels often use technical terms, which are hard to understand for potential guests. We have therefore collected and defined the most relevant terms in our small wellness ABC. A tip: Our wellness dictionary also supports word requests. You don't need to know the exact wording.

Stress Management

Stress management - Why is it important?

Stress management is important because we are exposed to different burdens in our everday lives, which cause stress responses. People who are constantly exposed to stress situations risk their well-being including their psychological and physical health. The aim of stress management is to achieve a balanced life, which in turn will make it easier to handle stressful situations.

What effects does negative stress have on the body?

High demands in people's working lives and stressors in their social environment can for example lead to unwell-being. Due to people's personal experiences, behaviours and habits they react differently to stressful situations. Negative stress responses on a psychological are for example an aggressive mood, listlessness and tiredness. On a physical level negative stress responses could be loss of appetite, ravenous appetite, digestion problems or susceptibility of deseases. 

Being exposed to stress is not only negative though. Stressful situations help us to grow and challenge us in positive ways. Stress can even release energy and power reserves in our body and teach us lessons about ourselves.

How do you get negative stress under control?

It is difficult to determine the threshold when stress makes you sick. Therefore, there is not a single stress strategy which works fine for everyone. Thus, a lot of resiliences are unavoidable. A big part of resiliences can be prevented if one deals with the source of the stress releasing factors. Successful stress management entails:

  • healthy nutrition, 
  • sufficient physical activities and 
  • sleep as well as 
  • mental fitness.

As always in life it comes down to balance . In this matter: the right balance between (positive) stress and relaxation. Successful stress management can therefore improve life quality.

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