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Sound massage - an Eastern healing method which focuses on body, mind and soul

Sound massage adheres to Eastern healing methods, which focuses on harmonising the mind, body and soul. The origin of the metal bowls is thought to be from Tibet. The sound of the Tibetan sound bowls is very intense because they are made from different alloys. The shape is similar to that of a bowl or dish.

During a sound massage, sound bowls are placed on or held directly over the body. The therapist creates a sound by tapping the metal bowls with a dapper or a wooden stick along the edge of the bowl.

The sound bowls cause a vibration, which spreads from the bottom of the bowl over the entire body.

The human body consists mainly of water, which moves through the sound waves caused by the sound bowls. This effect is said to work like an internal massage of the body’s cells by loosening any internal tension or blockages.

Another explanation assumes that certain tones produced by the sound bowls can be categorised into different Chakras, which has a positive influence. If there are any disturbances in the Chakras, they will be harmonised and positively influenced.

There are also sound beds and sound cradles, which are made from wood, for the patient to lie on. One side is open and has strings that are strummed by the therapist. The sound cradle can also be swung.

Sound massage hasn’t been scientifically proven. 

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