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Hot Stone Massage  -  Traditional massage with hot stones

Many Asian, North and South American and Hawaiian cultures have used stones for rituals and healing purposes for thousands of years.

The basis of a hot stone massage is the hot stones, which are heated in water to a temperature of 60°C. Only basalt stones are used for a hot stone massage because they retain heat well due to their volcanic origin.

A hot stone massage usually lasts between sixty and ninety minutes. It is then recommended to rest for about an hour afterwards.

To commence, the patient lies down on warm basalt stones to relax the muscles and prepare for the massage. The warmth speeds up blood circulation and improves oxygen supply to the cells as well as creating a deeper relaxation. The energy lines (the meridians) are mapped out using a brush and warm herbal oil, along the spine and down to the feet. Then about forty warm stones are placed along the energy lines.

More stones are then used for massaging. The therapist starts at the head, working towards the arms, chest and stomach and will finish with the legs and feet.

Another method is to create a vibration. The therapist gently hits one of the stones placed on the body with another stone. This will release deep muscular tension.

A hot stone massage improves circulation and the efficiency of the metabolism, increases lymphatic drainage, reduces muscular tension, generates deep relaxation and revitalises the whole body.

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Grand Hotel Binz

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Südliches Sauerland / Nordhessen

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Krumers Post Hotel & Spa

Tirol - Österreich

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Hotel Neptun


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Spa & Resorthotel Georgshöhe

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